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The great thing about boots is that they’re now a fashion staple that can be worn from winter into spring — and even summer! Perfect with jeans and leggings now, they can be paired later with the floaty, swingy dresses and skirts of the warmer months.

Whether it’s a riding or western boot, a western-inspired heeled bootie or a moto-inspired boot accented with lace, there’s a wide range of creatively chic and elegant styles this season. With so many options, there’s never been a better time to get into the boot trend!

Choose a pair in light suede or leather in a neutral tone — or even a delicious pale pastel — to get the most winter-into-spring style mileage out of your boots.

What better way to banish the winter blues than with a beautiful new pair of boots to carry us stylishly through to the sunny season!


Country Chic

Our cowgirl chic Terra Boots feature ladylike detailing on a classic western boot silhouette while the Reina Booties are fresh and on-trend in a beautiful dusty rose shade. Both will partner perfectly with jeans, leggings or skirts.



Alfresco Details

Boots with “open air” detailing are everywhere this season. Opt for the Etta Booties featuring a slouchy, sculptural leather basketweave or the Provence Boots trimmed in gorgeous crocheted lace.


71438_4Haute Hybrids

The modern design of the Stina Booties features strappy sandal detailing and a sculpted boot heel, making it the ultimate wear-now-and-later boot hybrid.



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“It’s never overreacting to ask for what you want and need.”
–Amy Poehler

Giving yourself what you want—and especially what you need—is a trait many women are notoriously bad at. We put ourselves last on the list and often end up going without. (Especially when it comes to sleep!)

But, there is a way to get what you want AND need. Some things in life are both desirable AND practical. When we adopt a philosophy to surround ourselves with comfort and beauty we nurture our body, mind and spirit and we’re able to take care of everyone (even us!) better. Now that is the definition of sensible!

That’s how we look at things here at Soft Surroundings. Busy women sometimes need to be reminded to put themselves at the top of their To Do List. And we try to make that easier by carefully curating a collection of fashions, furnishings, beauty, fragrances and jewelry to help make satisfying your needs and wants a regular occurrence.

So…in that spirit….here are a few of our favorite ways for you to meld the pragmatic with the to-die-for all in one package.


Fleuri Light Switch Plates

The hardware in a home can go unnoticed. Things like switch plates and outlet covers serve a purpose and are meant to fade into the woodwork, right? Not necessarily. Beautifully designed and crafted electrical plates can bring personality and style to a room that’s very noticeable every time you flip the switch.

Our Fleuri Switch Plates and Outlet Covers are spectacular standouts. Cast in resin and crafted to showcase a quintessentially French fleur-de-lis motif, these plates are an easy way to dress up the practicalities. Even better, you can choose from vintage, gilt or latte finish to dial up or down the pizzazz.


Allier Framed Linen Board or Chalkboard

You can’t get much more utilitarian than a bulletin board or chalkboard. Almost every busy home has one in the kitchen or home office. But few have one like either of these! Our French inspired Allier Linen Board is framed in elaborate hand-carved mango wood. In two sizes, it’s a gorgeous way to keep track of messages, theatre tickets, photos, brilliant ideas and more. And our elegant matching Allier Chalkboard reminds us of a French bistro menu board. It’s brimming with the potential of the ‘blank page’. Practical and inspirational!


Fabric Thumbtacks

Sometimes it’s the subtleties that catch the eye and bring a smile. We pay special attention to detailing in our clothing and our home furnishing and accents. And we love bringing you our latest finds—no matter how small.

Case in point: our sweet fabric thumbtacks in four delicate patterns. What a delightful way to pin up what’s important on the Allier Linen Board mentioned above.  We give these push pins a big thumbs up for spring.


Collector’s Vitrine Table

Many tables in the pages of our catalog and online are both beautiful and useful, but the Collector’s Vitrine Table is an overwhelming crowd pleaser. Here we’ve designed and built a piece that satisfies a range of penchants and personalities. Whether you collect vintage pocket watches or Victorian beaded purses, this table is perfect to protect and preserve them.

It has thick tempered and beveled glass on the hinged top and around the sides. It’s easy to admire your collection inside or remove a treasure for a close up look without a lot of fuss. The linen-lined interior is the perfect palette to set off the shiny, the sparkly or the colorful. Collections are by definition ‘wants’ but this perfectly devised and constructed display case is truly a ‘need’.


Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Ecofriendly. A renewable resource. And luxuriously soft. These are some of the attributes that describe bed sheets made from bamboo fibers. They’re also some of the reasons bamboo sheets have recently shot up in popularity.

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant from the grass family, so cultivating and harvesting it is easier on the environment than growing cotton. Tests show bamboo sheets resist bacteria better than cotton too. Out in the field, bamboo plants don’t attract insects, thus are pesticide-free.

All great, practical reasons to choose bamboo, right? But sheets are emotional, and have to be soft and slip-into comfortable to be on our (and your) beds! So our Luxury Bamboo Sheets are spun and woven to ensure the bamboo fibers are silky to the touch, without being slippery. And last but not least, the colors of our Luxury Bamboo Sheets are as peaceful and soothing as you’d expect a fiber like this to be: Silver Sage, Bisque, Grey and White.


Leather and Hemp Rug

As long as we’re spotlighting ecologically friendly Soft Surroundings products, our Leather and Hemp Rug is great example of casual, durable and good for the globe.

Hemp is a plant that produces very strong fibers used to make rope and long-lasting fabrics. For these rugs of ours, we’ve had weavers entwine 100% natural hemp with strips of tumbled, top grain leather to create a rug that’s soft on bare feet but stronger than cotton. And it’s reversible. Choose from four décor-complimenting colors and three sizes.


Francesca Bust

Do you own an heirloom or priceless hand-me-down that you’d nearly run back in to the burning building for? Okay, maybe that’s too dramatic, but you understand. A person can accumulate a few possessions that may have started out as ‘wants’ but ended up as ‘needs’. Usually it’s those things that have sentimental value or an emotional connection that has lifted them into the realm of can’t-live-withouts. We think our fancy and coy Francesca Bust fits that description. (Or will in time.)

Many of our customers write to us saying the Francesca Bust simply makes them happy every time they look at her. She’s cast in iron and resting on a white, veined and beveled marble base. Breathtaking. But we think the attraction lies in her ribbons, ruffles and watchful mien. She has a presence about her, and the likelihood of Francesca becoming more than an accent but an heirloom is great.

We look forward to hearing some of your stories about the things you own that are both practical necessities and prized possessions—you didn’t even have to get them from us! Please comment below.





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Hello, Sexy™… WATCH the Hollywood success story of GLAMGLOW®.

Join Glenn and Shannon Dellimore as they share their movie-star secret to gorgeous, instantly camera-ready skin. Glenn & Shannon developed their innovative GLAMGLOW® mud treatments after listening to their actor-friends lament about the lack of products that visibly refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines and immediately inspire a sexy glow. From their living room coffee table they created their stellar mud treatments as a fix for their famous friends. Once only available to the Hollywood and fashion elite, now you can steal the spotlight with your crazy, gorgeous skin by GLAMGLOW®.



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The beauty of the white shirt is that it’s not part of a trend at all — it’s an iconic wardrobe staple that will never go out of style!

From Coco Chanel to Katharine Hepburn to Audrey Hepburn, the borrowed-from-the-boys white shirt has become a fashion mainstay, symbolizing the spirit of the stylish, independent woman.

From its menswear origins, the white shirt has blossomed into a myriad of styles and silhouettes, and can be worn as a statement piece or as the backdrop to an endless assortment of accessories and layering options.

What makes wearing white shirts even more fabulous right now is that white itself is white hot this year. Top designers have been creating everything from all-white outfits to ensembles that mix textures, fabrics, and colors, opening the door to even more unique styling possibilities.

We can’t help but fall in love with the white shirt, and why not? It’s the perfect canvas for our individual style.

Explore our collection for all the wonderful ways you can wear it this season!


Gracefully Detailed

The bohemian look continues to be strong in the flourishes and curves of belled sleeves, scalloped edges, and lace trim. Made of softly draping rayon, our Half Moon Bay Top celebrates this endlessly flattering, feminine look.


Simply Cool

The shirtdress silhouette is everywhere right now — what better way to play it up than in a sleek and simple tunic style? The Day Tripper Tunic is made from our cool-wearing signature cotton gauze and is accented with a touch of island style in coconut buttons and roll-tab sleeves.


Classically Modern

The Seams Perfect Shirt has a borrowed-from-the-boys look that’s even better. Crafted from soft stretch cotton, the classic white shirt gets modernized with slimming, angled down pleats. The result? A gently flared silhouette that looks great on every body.


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by Robert J. Friedman, M.D., M.Sc. (Med.), Clinical Professor, NYU School of Medicine, Chairman and Founder, MDSolarSciencesTM

Almost all of us are used to thinking about sun protection by the numbers. SPF, or sun protection factor, has long been considered the only thing that matters. The common perception is that a higher number equals more protection. While true, it really only tells half the story. A higher SPF number means greater protection from one kind (UVB) of ultraviolet (UV) light given off by the sun. In order to understand the true nature of sun protection, we have to understand the two types of UV light and how they damage your skin.


Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation is the main cause of sunburn. UVB rays do their damage right at the point of impact: the top layer of skin. The intensity varies throughout the year, ramping up in the summer months (and peaking every day at noon), right as we all want to be out in the sun. Another thing that affects UVB intensity is altitude. UVB intensity increases 5% every 1,000 feet. UVB rays do not penetrate your car or office window, which is why you don’t get burned on those long road trips. Protecting yourself from sunburn is important, but it can also lead to a false sense of security. There is another threat to your skin that requires year-round protection.


Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays make up 95% of the UV radiation that reaches Earth. The longer wavelengths make them less intense than those of UVB, but there are 30 to 50 times more UVA rays at any given time. UVA rays are longer than UVB, allowing for deeper skin penetration, which causes wrinkling, discoloration, and aging. Because there is no painful, immediate consequence of UVA exposure (like the sunburn caused by UVB), too many people take an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude to UVA protection. Just because you can’t see the damage being done, don’t think that you aren’t being exposed. Unlike UVB, UVA rays are consistent throughout the year (and throughout the day). UVA rays can also pass through clouds and glass, meaning that car or even airplane windows can’t help you. Both UVA and UVB rays contribute to skin cancer. So how do you make sure you’re fully covered?


Simply put, a broad spectrum sunscreen provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It covers the full spectrum of UV radiation, giving you complete protective coverage. So what about those SPF numbers that have long been the one and only thing that people care about? While important, SPF only deals with UVB rays. The SPF numbers tell you how long it will take for UVB rays to burn your skin with the product versus without the product. SPF has absolutely nothing to do with UVA rays. In order to be fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays, a product needs to cover the entire UV spectrum. It needs to have active ingredients working together to protect you from UVA and UVB radiation. In other words… if it doesn’t say broad spectrum on the label, you’re basically wasting your time. That’s why all MDSolarSciencesTM sunscreen products are formulated to provide safer broad spectrum protection, no matter the SPF. Our Sun Care formulas may have different SPF levels, but check the labels and you’ll find one important commonality – they are all broad spectrum.


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amarte title

by Craig A. Kraffert, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, President, Amarte Skin Care

Amarte is the culmination of the best Eastern skin care ingredients and formulations fused with the advancements of Western dermatology and skin expertise for results-oriented products that are fast, effective and luxurious.

Amarte uses patented and unique botanicals like Ginkgo Nut, Mushroom and Skullcap along with nano-encapsulated Retinol, Sulfur and Arbutin to calm, brighten, tighten, smooth and refine your skin in simple systems that add a dose of decadence to your daily life.


Amarte: Heart and Seoul

Skin care is a personal matter. You dedicate time and emotion to finding skin care products that work. In a sense, you’re forming a relationship with them so it is understandable that you want great products to trust and love. Amarte recognizes the importance of this relationship. That’s why we’re devoted to offering incredibly different skin care. Amarte’s unique, indulgent regimen will bring out the clarity, brilliance, and beauty of your skin – every day. Amarte wants you to love yourself and love your skin, and we are dedicated to helping make that happen. That’s our promise to you.


Amarte promises incredibly different skin care.

There are three incredible attributes that set Amarte Skin Care apart from others. Though not widely known, it is a fact that quality grades of A – D are available for most skin care ingredients produced in Korea and elsewhere. Most Korean products use C and D grade ingredients. Some better brands use B grade ingredients and one or two very high-end Korean brands use A ingredients. Amarte uses only grade A ingredients.

Amarte also uses proprietary ingredient technology. Much of it is native to Korea and a substantial portion is unique to Amarte. Nano-encapsulation of Retinol and EGF, nano-sulfur purification, and extract optimization are Korean skin care ingredient specialties. Amarte works hand-in-hand with BioRic Innovation Center (a Korean Government funded institute) to formulate with bio-organic ingredients derived from natural extract optimization processes.

Skin care formulation skill is part art, part science. Very much like cooking, ingredients are only part of the story. Amarte skin care formulas are proprietary. Unlike so many skin care products that are contract manufactured with commonly available or widely shared formulas, Amarte formulas remain secret and are never shared with other brands or provided to contract manufacturers. Amarte’s formulational expertise represents a sophisticated blend of Korean artistry tempered by modern science – and it is unique to Amarte.


Amarte: A Heart and Seoul Story

While visiting Spain in 1992 to present research at the Spanish Dermatology Congress, Dr. Craig Kraffert, biochemist and board certified dermatologist, visited the World Expo in Seville where he met MiSook Kim. She was Korean, she was lovely, and he knew she was the one. It was love at first sight and the beginning of happily ever after.

Dr. Kraffert is the founder of, the most successful dermatologist-created e-commerce company. DermStore is now owned by Target. As DermStore’s founder, Dr. Kraffert has personally tested and reviewed almost every skin care line on the market. When MiSook’s sister asked him to try Amarte products, he did and realized that he had found something incredibly different. Dr. Kraffert’s appreciation of Korean culture and his respect for their scientific and innovative aptitude fueled his decision to partner with Amarte Korea to help realize its global potential.

In Korea, skin care is an obsession. As a result, Korea is the skin care capital of Asia. Shoppers from around the world visit Korea in search of the best skin care. There are many major streets in Seoul lined with skin care shops and boutiques. Koreans cherish flawless skin. Their legacy of skin care enthusiasm dates back over five hundred years. Today, Korean researchers and formulators combine ancient wisdom of botanicals and extracts with new technologies and ingredient systems to create unrivaled results.

Dr. Kraffert has orchestrated development of an international Korean and American team dedicated to ongoing refinement and market optimization of Amarte’s extraordinary products. Under Dr. Kraffert’s direction, Amarte has set a new global standard for innovative, quality skin care products that brilliantly enhance the natural beauty of your skin.


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Want to turn a room from average to aha!? Top designers know there are some simple and smart ways to give a room an instant upgrade. The tips and tricks aren’t earthshattering; look for elements that bring strong design, subtle color and surprising sparkle. Those are some of the things we do all the time here at Soft Surroundings to curate our collections, from rugs and lighting to furniture and accents.

So follow along and discover how easy it is to fresh start a room. We’ve gathered our top ten suggestions, most of them from our new spring collection. Enjoy!


1. Light it up We have more than twenty elegant chandeliers, table and floor lamps that are gorgeously designed pieces in themselves, but they’re also the means to transform a room with the click of a switch. The Eleonore Crystal Chandelier is a remarkable example. It adds richness to any type of décor. When light refracts around the space thanks to the hundreds of facets on its crystal teardrops, your room comes alive. And the Eleonore is only one of our many lighting options.


2. Mirror Magic Just as light dances off of crystal, mirrors can cast a similar effect. Plus, mirrors add depth and dimension to large or small spaces. We’re not just talking about wall mirrors like our full length, hand-carved Lyons Mirror. Consider mirrored boxes and our glamorous Mirrored Lingerie Chest. It reflects the light and looks great from all angles. A definite room pleaser.


3. Surprise Just-right accents and furnishings are the backbone of a great room. But once in a while, just-right is completely surprising, like in the case of our Louis Curve Bench. Elegant tufted linen has style and grace. And it is the perfect size for an entryway, taking the eye close to the ground, perhaps to admire the rug. But just as appropriate but slightly more surprising would be to put the Louis Curved Bench in front of a long sofa to use as a coffee table and extra seating. Either way, it’s a star in a room.


4. Shiny Objects Just as statement jewelry changes the look of an outfit, shiny accents and accessories do the same to a room. Two of our favorite examples are the Fiesole Artichaut Lamp and the Burgundy Bar Cart. Artichokes are the benevolent symbol of hope and prosperity. But never is that more obvious than on our hand-gilt Fiesole Artichaut Lamp. It has a soupcon of glitz, a lot of regal charm.

Our Burgundy Bar Cart marries the burnished glimmer of brass with antiqued smoked mirrors. It’s a handy thing to have around but we promise, it won’t go unnoticed. We couldn’t walk away without it when we saw its inspiration in a market in Marseilles.


5. Talk Pieces Room-makers don’t have to be big or flamboyant. They can just as easily be simple somethings in the corner. But they garner attention! A great example is our adorable Andre Door Stop. This faithful friend is finished in a bronze patina so he looks like he’s had eons of masters. Have him meet your guests at the door and see how many compliments he gets. And you too!

6. Graphic Punch Our next way to bring renewed excitement to a room is to select one new piece that lends graphic punch to its surroundings. Oftentimes, decorators use dramatic wall décor to achieve this feeling. But just as easily you can spotlight the floors with colors or shapes that pop. We love our sweeping printed damask Villandry Rug for just this reason. In three sizes, it suggests a let’s-mingle traffic pattern, and gives an airy freedom to the space. In sage green, blue, and mocha, the Villandry Rug proves graphic punch doesn’t have to mean knockout bright color.


7. More Pattern As we said, pattern can be subtle and still signal a fresh new perspective in a space. Two understated examples of the impact pattern can make are our Dominique Buffet Lamp and the refined Juliet Lamp.

On the shades of both you’ll see a delicate floral motif, one printed and edged in gold trim and the other appliqued with frayed shapes on linen. The elements of nature are carried down the length and around the base of each lamp, giving them even more texture and detail.

Your first impression of the pattern on these lamps might be subdued, but flip the switch to turn on the light and the design becomes elegantly dramatic.


8. Versatility Sometimes, freshening up a room doesn’t even require a new purchase (although we love it when it does!) Sometimes, perking up the place only requires using what you have in a new and exciting way.

For example, our luxurious Flokati Rug is simply heaven underfoot. It’s made in Greece of the finest natural, undyed New Zealand wool. Make it the first thing you set foot on when you awaken or the last thing your tootsies touch before you curl up in your favorite reading chair.

And when you want some variety, drape the Flokati Rug across the back of your linen couch. The juxtaposition of fibers is a wonderful treat for the eyes, and so clever too.


9. Strong Design Architectural elements are a great way to infuse new life into a room. No, you don’t have to install elaborate crown moldings or chair rails and trim. You can scatter strong design pieces around the room, art gallery style.

Our glittering gilt framed Grilles are easy examples—see the Rue Le Verrier and the Rue de Bac—and the Valere Triptych Panels do the same thing in triplicate! But perhaps our favorite way sprinkle classic architecture around is with our Laon, Chartres and Notre Dame Medallions on Stands. Move them from dining table centerpiece, to vanity backdrop and more.


10. A Little Quirk It seems like pillows have been the go-to way to revitalize a room since the Victorian era. But scatter pillows are also the easiest way to help a room express your personality. And that’s always refreshing! So if the pillows on your bed or your sofa are a little quirky, good for you! Would our Dog Breed Needlepoint Pillows be barking up the right tree?

Tell us a few of the ways you freshen up the look of a room. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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Stylish, flattering, versatile, comfortable — you know a winner when you see it! Here are our best-selling, Top 10 Must Haves for a winning wardrobe:


Shapely Surplice Top

Why this top is a winner: The crossover v-neckline and faux-wrap styling enhances the bust and flatters the waist while the three-quarter-length sleeves and just-right length make it perfect over skirts and pants. Oh, and did we mention the beyond-soft fabric? Customers have exclaimed: “If all my clothes felt like rose petals like this top does, I would be happier to get out of my PJs in the morning!”, “A total must have”, “Hides the bumps and lumps”, “PERFECTION.”


Wear Anywhere Dress

Why this dress is a winner: Starting at the surplice neckline, the faux-wrap design drapes gracefully across the waist and hips, flattering curves along the way. Long sleeves and knee length give it just the right amount of coverage, making it a fabulous fit for women of all shapes and sizes.


Have to Have Leggings

Why these leggings are winners: They’re fashionable, slimming, go-with-everything, and incredibly comfortable. Could anything be more indispensable than a great pair of leggings? Apparently our customers agree: “The leggings I have been looking for!”, “Greatest leggings ever!”, “I tried on and I instantly fell in LOVE!!!”, “YES!”


Complementary Ruched Top

Why this top is a winner: The ruching on this deliciously comfy top creates a beautiful, gently gathered fabric drape detail (it also works wonders on those little areas we’d rather not reveal). Gorgeous bateau neckline and just-right length look great on all figures. Layered or solo, it’s perfectly versatile and has gotten the following raves from customers: “OMG! I love this top”, “Extremely comfortable and looks great on”, “I have gotten many compliments.”


Knit Skirt

Why this skirt is a winner: Simply put, this is the kind of skirt we could live in. Feminine, flattering, and supremely comfortable, it features a smooth, wide elastic waist and free-flowing skirt with godets that work like magic to create an incredible drape. This skirt is sure to become as indispensable to your wardrobe as it has become to ours and many of our customers!


Classic Triple Jeans

Why this jean is a winner: We fashioned a classic 5-pocket jean out of the amazing XFIT LYCRA® fabric – a four-way stretch denim that sculpts, supports and lifts in all the right places. While they are incredibly comfy, they also resist bagging. Wearing is believing according to our customers: “This is the fifth pair of the ‘Classic Jeans’ I’ve purchased. I think it’s obvious that I love them!”, “Hands-down the best jeans I’ve ever owned.”


Talia Tencel Shirt

Why this shirt is a winner: When we think of effortless elegance, we think of the gorgeous drape of this Tencel shirt. The fluidity of this fabric cascades across the body to make anything you pair it with look chic. The easy fit and just-right length looks great on everyone and with everything. The best part? It makes outfit decisions a breeze.


Skinny Stretch Pants

Why this pant is a winner: This is one of those essential styles that you can’t be without this season. The “skinny look” is here to stay, and these comfy stretch fabric pants will have you looking stylish and feeling great. Flat elastic contour waistband slims and controls while the vertical pant seam elongates the leg. Some current raves: “These pants are by far the very best I’ve ever purchased”, “Just received these and immediately knew these would be my favorites.”


Cotton Underwire Cami

Why this cami is a winner: This cami is a multitasking wonder. Part support garment with full, built-in bra; part layering essential that smoothes the silhouette to create the perfect foundation for any top. (It feels lovely against the skin, too.) Our customers agree: “Read my lips: You Must Have This Cotton Underwire Cami In Your Wardrobe!”, “Fit: great. Look: great: Feel: great.”


Seafarer Sweater

Why this sweater is a winner: Not only is it on-trend with the relaxed, oversized look that is going strong this season, but it is also infinitely flattering and comfortable. Curve-loving A-line shape skims along the bust, flaring out to a gorgeous, easy drape. Breathable, cotton-acrylic chunky blend knit makes this sweater a season-to-season favorite, too. As one customer said, “I love everything about this sweater. It’s just the best ‘final touch’ to any skirt or pant.”


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It’s this time of year when we crave a little space, some down-time, the opportunity to snuggle in or wrap up in whatever makes us feel comfy and ultimately restored. After all, there’s a reason so many living things on this planet, from bears to butterflies, hibernate. It’s nature’s way of getting us through the cold, dark months of winter.

And your home is most often the place where all of this vital regeneration of the mind, body, and spirit takes place. Have you mapped out those spots in your maison? Are they as relaxing as you’d like them to be? What could make them more inviting and restful? An elegant escape is just steps away when you carve out some inviting private spaces at home.


Say the words “relaxing retreat” and often the bedroom comes to mind. And it should. We spend an average of 25 years of our lives sleeping! That doesn’t even count reading, talking or eating chocolate in bed! The bedroom should be a haven for de-stressification. But often it’s not.

Soft Surroundings has the solution. In fact, we devote an extraordinary amount of time and dedication to curating the most ahhh-inspiring collection of bedding available. Because we believe the bed is the primo private space. From our blissful bamboo sheets to silk charmeuse pillowcases much like the ones Chinese women have used for centuries to prevent facial lines and wrinkles, we’ve got it.


Our Normandy Bedding Ensemble is a perfect example. This gorgeous Normandy quilt marries soft grain sack striped linen, with vintage toile,e embroidery and scalloped trim. Coupled with the Normandy shams and the spa blue-and-cream colored Ticking Stripe Pillowcases delicately edge with crochet, this ensemble is irresistible.

And a lovely, well-made bed beckons like almost no other private space can.

Boudoir (…a sitting room)

To the Victorian French, the boudoir was a sitting or dressing room adjacent to the bedchamber. Boudoir literally translates to mean ‘to sulk’. But we know better. Women of that era must have cherished their down-time as much as we do and they made sure there was a private space for it.

If you have a master bedroom that can accommodate a peaceful lounging area, consider our Avignon Tufted Back Chair and Ottoman to furnish it. We love the lines of this chair and with the ottoman pulled up at its heels the shape is a sweeping chaise. And it’s so richly appointed, with hand-sewn button tufting on the high, curvy back and sink-down-deep softness thanks to down-wrapped linen and cotton covered cushions. It says ‘boudoir’ in every breath.


The other obvious private space at home is the bathroom. Making it the oasis it’s meant to be takes a little attention. Soaps, salts and candles are a great start, but what about cabinetry? Yes, we said cabinets.


Even if your bathroom isn’t big enough for the St. Trophime Cabinet, ask yourself if it wouldn’t look great nearby in a hallway or on the other side of an adjacent wall. It might just fit. The Trophime’s depth is trim but its length is ample. And the Asian-inspired, hand-painted gold embellishments on the lacquered French teal blue doors give it a look of opulence and femininity. Wouldn’t it be a welcome way to hide everything from hairdryers to extra toothpaste?




And on top of the St. Trophime, arrange all of your bottles, boxes and trays of treasures. Slip a string of pearls into one of our exquisitely hand made Silver Boxes. Place them with our intoxicating Fragrance Diffuser on a whitewashed Montaigne Tray. And remember the finishing touch – Hang our hand-carved iron, smoked Celia Mirror above the whole ensemble.  Instant altar of personal space.


Creating at-home comfort zones aren’t always about thread count and candles. Often it’s about unexpected atmosphere. You can encircle yourself with the things you love or things that have meaning to you in any nook or corner and feel like it’s ‘your’ space.

Another way to create an intimate feeling in an alcove or hideaway spot is with lighting. The perfect drop pendant, like our Floral Swag Crystal Chandelier can work magic when placed over a casual or rustic table and chair. The juxtaposition of ornate and simple, old and new is what tells the story of calm tranquility in a spot like that.


Add puddled sheers to a window and the soft, filtered light and relaxed sweep of fabric will lighten and relax the mood. Our Pom Pom Linen Curtains and Valance are a perfect choice for that effect. And we love the cheery ivory-colored pom poms along their length and the swoop of the valance.

It’s not all about you

Isn’t it true that when everyone else in the house is calm and contented, you are too? Then make sure everyone at your residence has their own private space. It will only add to your own peace of mind.


And top on the list (okay, maybe not top-top, but close to the top) is your beloved best friend of the furry kind. Wouldn’t he or she love to curl up in a deliciously comfortable bed too? Take a look at our Floral Swag Dog Bed and Cushion. Hand-carved rose swags drape around its pine plank sides. And its regal silhouette stands on four sturdy feet, with a plush tufted cushion inside. That’s private space for the happily pampered pet. You both deserve it.




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