At Soft Surroundings, we are committed to offering a world of comfort, relaxation and style to women who need to take time out of their busy schedules for themselves. In creating Soft Spoken, we hope to bring you a community of experiences and knowledge—contributed by our very own expert staff—to inspire and encourage you to put yourself at the top of your To Do List. We’ll share with you “behind the scenes” peeks at how our designers create our fashion, bedding and well-being products, as well as demystify the world of Beauty to help you make the best decisions.We’ll also include real life stories from you, our readers.

Everything in Soft Spoken is written by one of our passionate fashion and design experts at Soft Surroundings. Our collection comes from a collaboration of discoveries and insight from all over the world, and we are thrilled to share the exciting journey with you.

So take a few moments to read, browse and experience – enjoy!