Benefits of Bamboo

By on February 27, 2009, in Bedding, Fashion Trends


What is the fastest growing plant in the world? Which fiber is the hottest new trend in textiles? What new fabric has me all excited?

The answer…Rayon made from Bamboo!

How does rayon made from bamboo feel? Amazingly soft! Comfortable and feels like silk. You will love the way it feels!

What are the benefits of rayon made from bamboo to you?

-Did I mention how heavenly soft it feels?

-Easy care (usually machine washable).

-Exceptionally strong and has superior wicking (absorbing moisture – due to very high cellulose content) and ventilation properties.

-Bamboo’s elemental and naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin, which is ideal for those with skin sensitivities.

-Thermal regulating: keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due to its unique micro-structure which quickly absorbs and evaporates perspiration faster than any other fiber.

-Sharing a bed? Some consumers often

chicken coop bedding

describe their rayon made from bamboo bedding as providing marital bliss because many couples have problems finding bedding they both find comfortable. If one is cool at night, the bedding will keep them warm. If the other is hot, the bedding will feel cool.

-Also, menopausal women will love this bedding! For those power surges, bamboo bedding is ideal, being particularly absorbent and breathable.

– There are many great benefits of bamboo for the environment, too.  Check out our Going Green: Rayon made from Bamboo post.

How do you care for rayon made from bamboo home textiles and clothing?

-In general, rayon made from bamboo can be machine washed in cool water with mild soap on the gentle cycle. Manufacturers often advise against using fabric softeners or bleach. Although shrinkage is minimal with rayon made from bamboo, it’s best if garments can hang to dry (these textiles dry faster than most other fabrics). Or for best drying results in the dryer, make sure it is set on the permanent press setting. Remove immediately at the end of the drying cycle, as folding and smoothing will keep from wrinkling.