Loving Your Legs – Beauty Scoop

By on June 20, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center

Spider veins. Lumps and bumps. Uneven texture. There are plenty of reasons women get insecure about their legs as skirt weather rolls around – lucky for us there are some good ways to fix those problems! From quick fixes to more lasting treatments, here’s how to get shapelier, lovelier looking legs you’re going to love year round.

Instantly Lovelier Legs

1. It’s never been simpler to fake a pair of movie star legs than with Joan Rivers’ The Right to Bare Legs™, a blendable, non-streaking, transfer-proof formula that you apply to conceal spider veins, freckles, age spots, bruises, tattoos and birthmarks. It leaves the look of stockings with its powdery, even finish and lasts for fabulous looking legs all day.

2. Stop cellulite and sagging in its tracks with slimming, body tightening creams like the products in the Dermelect Body Set. Daily use of these super-charged products (which contain ingredients like Fruit Enzymes, Caffeine and Gingko Biloba to help stimulate circulation, break down fatty deposits and minimize water retention) can whittle thighs and hips in a matter of mere weeks.

3. Broken blood vessels and spider veins trouble most women at some point in their lives. But it’s possible to diminish the appearance of these pesky problems with Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus™, a cream that increases blood circulation with power-packed ingredients like Retinal Palmitate, Vitamin K and botanical oils that help reduce the appearance of extra vascular blood flow, one of the causes of visible spider veins. It also helps boost overall vein health and prevents sun damage, leading to fewer spider veins down the line.

Long-Lasting Treatments for Gorgeous Gams

1. Massage away lumps and bumps with new high-tech treatments to help break down fat cells and improve skin’s tone and texture. SmoothShapes uses a combination of dynamic laser and light energy blended with endermologie (mechanical massage), while Cellulite Procedure from Thermage uses radiofrequency energy and VelaShape pairs bi-polar radio frequencies with infrared light. All are non-invasive (meaning no surgery or needles) and take a series of several 30-minute minute treatments to see results.

2. For truly stubborn spider or varicose veins, many women turn to permanent removal with sclerotherapy. A simple injection is administered into the vein, causing it to shrink and eventually get reabsorbed into the body naturally. It also closes off the “feeder veins” under the skin that cause the spider veins to form, which helps prevent them from reoccurring.

3. Permanent fat removal is also a long-term solution for women wanting to sculpt their thighs, hips and lower body. One of the most popular fat removal procedures is SmartLipo, which uses a precision laser inserted under a tiny incision to dissolve fat and tighten skin, so everything appears smoother and firmer following surgery.

As always, do your research and consult your physician for evaluations before embarking on any invasive course of treatment.

Whether a quick fix or more long-term leg beautifying solution is right for you, we hope you have a carefree and bare-legged summer!