Manage and Mend Your Mane

By on June 14, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Hair

Summer is over, but the effects of summer weather can linger in your hair. The heat and sun may have caused your hair to go limp and flat, become unmanageable and frizzy or simply feel just dry and worn out. Some even report that their hair won’t hold a curl anymore. That’s because the heat and harsh chemicals have sucked the moisture right out of your lovely locks!

When hair becomes dry from the sun or overexposure to chemicals and heat, basically it’s crying out for moisture. Like skin, hair is comprised of proteins that need moisture to function. But unlike skin, which has its own supply of moisture from within, hair has no moisture supply, therefore, when it’s dry – it’s really dry!

Here are some hair care steps to repair the damage done and enter the fall season with better than ever hair!

1. How to shampoo your hair: try not to shampoo everyday. (Rinse, instead of shampoo if you must. Finish with a rinse-out conditioner between shampoos).

2. Leave in conditioner when shampooing: Establish a non-daily washing schedule for your hair and add a leave-in conditioner. Remember, rinse-out conditioners don’t leave anything behind to protect your hair. You need to use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair against winter extremes – bitter cold and brutal heat. We recommend those with silicone to coat the hair strand and protect it from damaging elements.

3. Once a week deep conditioning: the longer you leave it in, the more your hair will thank you! Pick your favorite deep conditioner or mask as a treatment for dry hair (we like Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment) and apply it evenly to your hair.
Tip: use a plastic shower cap to seal it in for at least 30 minutes or more, then shampoo as usual. You could also leave it in overnight but don’t forget to protect your pillowcase.

4. Always rinse hair with cool water for a few seconds after shampoo and conditioning. This closes the cuticles in the hair strand, helping your hair have a smoother finish.

5. How you treat your hair: avoid using hot curlers, rollers, flat irons as much as possible. Same for chemicals. Think natural components – palm oil, soy proteins, vitamin B5 (panthenol), chamomile, comfrey and goldenseal are just a few.

6. Use a natural bristle brush for lovely locks! It stimulates the scalp, distributes natural oils and actually stimulates hair growth.

If you work to take care of your hair today, your hair will be in much better shape to meet the new season next year. Your locks will be lucky, your hair will be there, your tresses will be tingling and your ringlets will be singing with joy!