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By on June 3, 2009, in Soft Stories, Soft Surroundings

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I must tell you how thrilled I am to have found Soft Surroundings and the long-yearned-for selection of tops and bottoms in talls!

I placed a sizable order recently and could hardly wait for it to arrive, though I anticipated that as always, very little of it would fit or be tall enough despite the T-bearing labels, or the quality would be passable at best.

I am happy – no ECSTATIC – to tell you that your clothes rock!  The fabric quality and sizing are like no garments I have ever purchased in my 51 years and I commend you on a job well done. The

quality of the t-shirt garments is fabulous and they are more comfortable and flattering than anything I have ever put on my tall torso.  The sizing is consistent and every garment fit as it should.  Honestly, I spent so much money that I was secretly wishing that at least some of it wouldn’t fit so that I could send it back and ease my conscience.  Alas, it was not to be, because every last piece of it fit and I kept it all!  It was a breakthrough moment for this 6’ tall disgruntled shopper who has never in her shopping history found a tall garment other than pants.

So, again, I thank you for what you have given me; it was well worth waiting 51 years for and I will always be a faithful customer of Soft Surroundings!

  • Soft Surroundings


    Thank you for your comments, and you’re welcome! We are happy to hear you are finding the right fit with our products.

    You can view all our items offered in size “Tall” here: http://www.softsurroundings.com/S/Tall/. Have fun browsing!

    Soft Surroundings

  • Kathy

    I too am tall (5’10”) and 59 years old–two challenges when it comes to finding fun but appropriate clothing! Thank you for offering such wonderful options!

  • Diane

    I too am tall (5’10”) and love that I now have a closet full of LONG pants and LONG tops! Whenever I am out shopping, I always stop and think… do I want this off the rank or something from Soft Surroundings? I usually put the rack clothing back! I get so many compliments on my Soft surroundings clothes, which I find are artistic and worldly. If I could ask for one thing: shoes in larger sizes (12’s) to go along with the tall clothes (height and longer feet tend to go together…).