Anti-Aging for Hands

By on July 30, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Hands & Feet

Have you ever looked down, startled to discover your mother’s hands have taken up residence at the opposite ends of your arms?

Prominent veins, loose flesh, bony tendons and sunspots are never more than a few years away on one of the most delicate, yet determined, surfaces of your body.

Start now to defend your hands against the ravages of time by tackling the two worst offenders:

1. Sun. Those rays are a formidable force – seeking out your skin when you least expect them. (In the car, for example. Did you know UV rays penetrate right through your windshield?!) Protect yourself with gloves whenever possible, and be sure to include the backs of your hands in your daily sunscreen ritual.

2. Water. Washing your hands, doing the dishes, bathing your children… These are all health-imperative activities to keep germs at bay. Unfortunately, water’s mighty, germ-stripping qualities are clumsy in their reach, swiping away at the more delicate, natural oils beneath your skin’s surface. Replenish vital oils and renew cells by applying a good moisturizer immediately after washing.

Tip: Keep an extra tube of moisturizing sunblock in your glove compartment. Rub some on the backs of your hands before you place the key in the ignition.

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