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alexIn our “Behind the Designs” series, we want to give readers in insight into how our clothes are inspired and designed at Soft Surroundings. We thought the best way to do that would be to interview some of our designers to see what inspires them and what they are working on right now. For our opening “Behind the Designs” post, we decided to interview Alexandra. Alex is one of Soft Surroundings’ Associate Buyers and an important part of the design team.

1) Why did you decide to become a designer?

I have always loved clothing and the fashion world of models and designers. The creative imagery from the designers that create and capture a woman’s inner self as well as defining, in some cases, a woman’s more modest side to give her something she never thought she could wear but feels great in, is a rewarding feeling. Seeing designs “come to life” in photography is gratifying and where some of the most compelling looks are set. The high energy and the euphoric feeling you have when you are out researching trends and “people watching” is a very exciting time and sometimes humbling to think, ‘I have the best job in the world!’

2) What inspires your designs?

High Fashion magazines, “people watching” (no matter where I am, i.e. restaurants, hotel lobbies, airports, the park, at a café, etc.) and the discovery of unique details, even when I’m not “officially” researching can be very inspiring. We travel all over the world and frequent flea markets, vintage stores, museums, as well as retailers – all for inspiration. Colors, textures, shapes , cultures and tradition all inspire me. Thinking outside the box can sometimes be challenging, but that is when some of the best designs are conceived.

3) What are you currently working on?

Currently I am in Spring/Summer 2010 development mode. The layered look with camis or detailed tees, mixing different textured fabrics with an over piece that you can take on or off has taken the fashion world by surprise the last couple seasons. We have also gotten a great response from our own customers and want to continue developing and updating this trend for “her.” That being said we are busy working on designing fun, unexpected elements that will be featured on our garments that will leave a women feeling great in what she is wearing. We want our clothes to have an ease, class, comfort, style, wear-ability, but keeping it casual feel to them. But we also want the design elements to stand out as a conversation piece.

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