Get rid of Chicken Skin

By on July 6, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Skincare

Graterlike Bumps

One out of two people suffers from an annoying condition that leaves little graterlike bumps scattered across the upper arms or thighs. Because the skin takes on the appearance of a plucked chicken, the condition is frequently known as “chicken skin”.

Medical professionals prefer the term keratosis pilaris – or KP for short – in reference to the faulty keratinazation that leads to a buildup of skin cells and subsequent inflammation of hair follicles (hence the bumps). But whatever the name, the frustration is the same: No matter how hard you scrub, the bumps won’t go away.

Smooth Away the Bumps

KP is a genetic condition that can’t be cured. However, there are ways to smooth away the bumps:

Glycolic Acid
Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), including glycolic acid, are potent enough to chemically exfoliate your skin.

Prescriptive and over-the-counter urea-based products are powerful humectants capable of extracting moisture from the air to help soften crusty skin.

KP Duty by DERMAdoctor
Dermatologist-strength glycolic acid and urea team up in a single cream to eliminate bumps and soften skin. Green tea helps fight the inflammation responsible for discoloration.

Therapeutic Dry Oil
For stubborn cases of KP, try adding DERMAdoctor Handy Manum to the routine. This Anti-Itch Fissure Relief Serum provides a protective barrier without leaving an unpleasant oily residue.

Home microdermabrasion options like DermaNew Microdermabrasion Total Body Experience help smooth and buff skin when used regularly.

Tip: Try using a humidifier at night to add moisture to the air. Dry skin encourages plugged pores, which leads to bumps.