Quick Beauty Tip: Baring Arms

By on July 4, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Bedding

PROBLEM: Baring Arms

Dermelect Body SetSOLUTION: Do you dread tank top and spaghetti strap season because of undefined arms and “jiggle”? You can target and treat this common complaint with tanners, bronzers and simple exercises to have your arms looking strong and sexy for summer.

Begin target toning of your arms. Doing a set of pushups every night or morning, starting with 10 and eventually working your way up to 25 or more, helps to work the muscles all over the arms and even helps lift the chest/bustline.

1) You can also use light weights, doing arms curls focusing on the biceps and triceps. Start with using a free weight that has a good grip and is comfortable for you to lift with no straining. Most women opt for using 3 to 4lbs. at first but, depending on strength, some can do more.

2) Tanners and bronzers. Apply a self-tanner or body bronzer on the arms to help minimize the appearance of loose skin and add definition. Exfoliate before using this product and then apply to arms for an even tone. Try the Valerie Fairy Dust Shimmer Powder on your arms to help create a leaner look with a touch of shimmer for that soft glow that begs to be touched.

baring arms3) Skin firming lotions or creams. One of the latest trends in body treatments is the use of firming lotions. These products can help firm and tone loose skin if applied routinely morning or night. The Decleor Perfect Sculpt Divine Cream combines 8 Essential Oils and Phyto-Firm Complex helps to fight sagging and resculpt the skin. Combined with exercise, these treatments will give your muscle and skin the extra boost it needs to look toned and radiant.