Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

By on October 9, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Skincare

If you’ve ever contemplated plastic surgery, or would like to avoid it altogether, we’ve listed just a few of the most recent advancements in topical over-the-counter skin care aids that could be just what the doctor ordered.

Problem: Lost fullness in features or flattened expression lines, your face has a hollow appearance.
Surgical Solution: For firm and flexible skin, experts would recommend fat or collagen fillers that are injected to temporarily replace lost volume and restore a more youthful look. Costs can range anywhere between $500 and $3,500 per visit depending on treatment areas and injections.
Non-Surgical Solution: Try Babor Wrinkle Filler. You’ll see many of the line-smoothing, lifting effects of injectable fillers, without the risk, discomfort and cost. This beauty product lasts all day long.

Problem: Furrowed forehead lines, frown lines, or crow’s feet around you eyes.
Surgical Solution: Experts would recommend Botox injections. These injections paralyze the underlying muscle to give you a lineless expression. Botox costs between $400 to $1,000 per treatment depending on region.
Non-Surgical Solution: Deep Line Plump from Joey New York. You’ll see instantaneous results with this filler for facial wrinkles, including forehead furrows, cheek folds, vertical lip lines and even décolleté creases.

Problem: Fine lines, uneven pigmentation or scars.
Surgical Solution: Fractional Skin Resurfacing will help to erase them for around $1,200 to $1,500 per procedure.
Non-Surgical Solution: (a 3 step process)

  1. Start with, DERMAdoctor Physical Chemistry, a unique physical and chemical skin exfoliatant that evens skin tone, refines pores and minimizes lines. This product is a scrub and will prepare your skin to best receive the benefits of steps 2 and 3.
  2. Beautone products from Dermelect.
    • For overall uneven skintone: The Enlightening Facial Brightener minimizes skin discoloration, uneven skintone and signs of aging.
    • For spot discoloration: The Enlightening Spot Treatment works to diminish age spots, freckles and acne discoloration.
  3. And the final step, Pore Tightener & Filler Serum from Joey New York, a corrective serum that with regular use, will completely resurface your skin. The active ingredients, Salicylic Acid, Enzyme-Activated Marine Collagen and Silicone, work together to fill in scarring, fill out lines and minimize the appearance of large pores.

Problem: Skin is slightly lax or sagging over the contours of the brow, midface or neck, but with otherwise firm muscles.
Surgical Solution: Suspension Lift: “threads” (stitches/sutures) are used to temporarily hold the skin in a higher more youthful position. Can cost between $4000 and $10,000 depending on treatment.
Non-Surgical Solution: Egg Cream from Joey New York. This all-natural instant lifting and contouring cream hydrates and firms face, neck, jaw line and décolleté.