Thicker, Fuller Eyelashes

By on October 27, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Soft Surroundings


SarahRegrowing thicker, fuller eyelashes has become a very important trend/direction in the beauty world primarily because as we age, our lashes get thinner and shorter. This has promoted the need for products that address these very issues. For the last several years the number of companies out there making eyelash and eyebrow hair growth products has increased exponentially. The trend has really hit a fever pitch with the introduction of Latisse, the first prescribed treatment for the growth of eyelashes. You probably have seen the commercial for the product; Brooke Shields is the spokeswoman seen in the commercial.

Talika Eyelash LipocilsMy favorite solution for eyelash regrowth is Talika’s Eyelash Lipocils. We have for the last 4 years carried them in the catalog. A young doctor in Paris’s Salpetriere Hospital, named Danielle Roches, formulated them in 1948. Her original intent was to create an anti-bacterial plant based cream to help repair damage from eye burns. Not only did this phenomenal product help heal burns; it quickly and dramatically regrew eyelashes. This amazing discovery led to the creation of Talika Eyelash Lipocils. They are naturally formulated and clinically proven to regrow thicker, fuller eyelashes and brows in 28 days when used twice daily.

Here are a couple of my favorite customer reviews from for the Talika Eyelash Lipocils:

“I bought my first tube in early December, with a degree of doubt. Then I didn’t quite read the instructions very well for a while and used it once a day. Even when I did read the how-to, I was still often forgetting the evening application. And it worked anyway! I am just now on my second tube and doing much better on twice a day — my lashes are longer, more profuse and easier to see. The most dramatic effect has been on the lower lashes, which I have hardly seen in several years. I see more and longer ones and, better yet, my friends have noticed as well.”  — Delta Yankee from Albuquerque

“I was using another product for longer,fuller lashes for 3x the price when I saw this in the catalog. The product I was using went on like eye liner and really stung if it go in my eyes. It took a month to see results. The results were good, but when I saw your product, I thought I’d try it. With your product, the results were instant, and as time went on (perhaps only a week), the results so far exceeded the other product that I’ll never go back, nor wear mascara !!!” — Juba from Hawaii