Your Perfect Mascara Match

By on October 23, 2009, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to mascara. While there are some things all women want from their mascara (no clumps, flakes or smudges!), each of us has unique criteria for defining that ideal tube depending on our desired look, what are lashes look like and our lifestyle. The two most important factors when choosing a type of mascara are to consider its formula and the type of brush. From thickening to waterproof formulas, here are some tips on finding your perfect mascara match.

For Thicker Lashes – If you desire fatter lashes, find a fat brush with close-set bristles to coat as many of your lashes as possible. Look for key words like “thickening” and “volumizing” on the description. If your lashes are really short to start with, you may want to consider a curling mascara over a thickening one, as the fatter brushes are more prone to smearing mascara all over your eyelids. To get the most from your volumizing formula, place the wand at the root of the lashes and then zig-zag it out to the tips to add thickness without the clumping. For more drama, add a second coat. Also, the new vibrating mascaras help create volume by “wiggling” the wand for you as you apply.

For More Defined Lashes – The key to definition is a skinny wand with wide-set bristles (almost like tapered needles) to reach out to each individual lash and to avoid clumping. Many defining mascaras are double-ended, giving you a thicker brush to add length and a smaller brush to define corner lashes. Many also come with comb on one end to separate lashes. Wands made of flexible material (like the new rubber wands) give excellent definition since they can conform to the shape of your lashes. Try to keep applications to a single coat – you start to lose definition with each additional coat as lashes get thicker.

For Longer Lashes – Select a tube that contains fibers to extend each lash with a spiral brush, one less dense than a volumizing brush (often considered a “normal” brush). You want the bulk of the mascara to end up on the ends of your lashes, to elongate them with each stroke. You may have to apply several coats to get the desired look. Also, look for wands that have a very tapered point to them – you can rotate the brush at an angle and use the end to apply mascara to the tips of individual lashes.

For Curled Lashes – Look for lighter-feeling formulas that won’t weigh lashes down. A thinner, curved brush is best as it won’t deposit too much on the tips of lashes, which can pull out the curl. With a curved brush, start on the outside half of the lashes and apply mascara upwards, curling your lashes and holding them there for five seconds. Then repeat with the inside half of lashes. To get the best result, start by crimping lashes beforehand with a lash curler, then apply mascara.

For Long-Lasting Lashes – Try one of the new tube mascaras. These innovative formulas actually deposit a fiber “tube” around each individual lash, adding length, definition and thickness. But the best part is that due to its unique formula, it doesn’t come off without a remover – meaning, only when you want to take it off. You can also look for waterproof formulas that resist running in the heat or humidity.