20 Top Beauty Tips

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It’s no secret that women want simple, quick solutions for looking their best. From skin care and makeup to sunscreen and hair, here’s the scoop on the top 20 beauty tips from industry experts for looking and staying beautiful at any age.

1. Never leave the house without sunscreen. The number one beauty tip to prevent wrinkles and sun spots is to wear sunscreen. Always. No matter what. UV rays can damage skin even if it’s cold and overcast, so slather on an SPF15 or higher every day. And don’t forget your neck, chest and hands!

2. To get a gorgeous candlelit glow, mix a dab of liquid highlighter into your foundation before applying. Put a few drops on the back of your hand followed by a few dabs of your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer, then swirl together with a makeup brush or sponge tip and apply as usual. It’s a no-fail way to get glowing skin without any streaks, lines or obvious contouring.

3. To de-puff and refresh tired eyes, keep your eye cream in the fridge. Not only does the cool cream feel great on stressed out skin, but the temperature helps instantly reduce puffiness.

4. Professional makeup artists can’t live without makeup remover wipes. Not only do they prove handy for quick changes between night and day, but they are invaluable for precise makeup application to get clean edges around lipstick, eyeliner and brows. Just a quick swipe around the edges can instantly define lips, erase liner mistakes and remove mascara smudges.

5. To counteract the appearance of blemishes or other imperfections, try a beauty tip that makeup artists love – wear warm pink lipstick, which distracts the eye from redness and irritation on the face.

6. While they may feel great in the chilly winter, hot showers can actually increase instances of dry, itchy skin, especially when they are followed by cool, dry air. Try to keep showers short and water temperatures lukewarm, then pat (don’t rub) yourself dry. Follow with a good coat of moisturizer, like Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, to help lock in moisture.

7. Make eyes look big and beautiful with light, shimmery eyeshadows. Start with a nude base applied up to your brow crease, then layer the lid with a color two shades darker and blend upward. Look for colors that have a hint of shimmer in colors like beige, soft pink or sheer bronze.

8. To help brighten yellow nails, soak a cotton ball in Hydrogen Peroxide and soak each nail for one to two minutes. The Peroxide helps lift stubborn stains and also kills bacteria.

9. For a quick way to make lips instantly appear plumper, top your lipstick or gloss with a dab of clear or light pink shimmery gloss in the middle of your lower lip only. And skip the lip liner, which can make lips appear smaller.

10. To get super-curled lashes, apply a coat of mascara first and let it set a few seconds before curling. The mascara really helps the lashes hold the curl.

11. A simple (and indulgent) beauty tip to help prevent wrinkles is to switch to silk or satin pillowcases. The friction of cotton pillowcases while you sleep can tug and pull at skin, leading to more wrinkles. It’s often why women have deeper wrinkles on one side of their face – they sleep on that side.

12. If you want bronze legs or arms and don’t have time to apply self-tanner, try a trick the pros use – mix a pinch of loose bronzing powder with your body lotion in the palm of your hand and blend up and down your arms or legs, making sure it doesn’t clump in places like your ankles or knees.

13. To tone down the brightness of lipstick, swipe some on the back your hand and mix in a tiny dot of foundation. Blend with your fingers and apply to lips with a lip brush.

14. To achieve a natural wide-eyed, “bambi” look without false lashes, apply a darker mascara to your top lashes than your lower lashes. For instance, if you use black on top, use dark brown on the bottom.

15. When removing eye makeup, soak a cotton ball in remover and then hold it to the eye for three seconds before wiping away the makeup. This helps the remover activate, letting you gently remove all the makeup without rubbing.

16. If you’re ever caught with a shiny face but don’t have powder or blotting papers handy, just grab a tissue! Peel apart the two sections and use one to blot the oil.

17. To keep lip gloss from pulling a disappearing act, think layers. First color in your lips with a lip liner that matches your lip color to provide a base. Then apply a cream neutral lipstick and blot to tone down the intensity of the color. Finally, apply the gloss!

18. Before applying cream concealer, “warm it up” by rubbing it in tiny circles on the back of your hand – this helps it from looking “cakey” or thick. Also, always apply concealer in a dabbing or dotting motion to avoid pulling at sensitive skin under the eyes.

19. The best way to apply shadow or eye liner is to tilt your chin up and look at yourself in the mirror down the bridge of your nose. This helps you clearly see the crease of your lid and the upper lash line for easier application.

20. To give eyes an instantly more awake appearance, apply a white eye liner to the inside lower lash line. It helps make the whites of your eyes brighter.

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