How To Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

By on February 2, 2010, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics

by Sandy Incardona from Amazing Cosmetics

Yes, as we get older our cosmetic arsenal begins to change. It seems over night; our daily moisturizers were replaced by firming creams. Anti-wrinkle, anti-puff or anti-aging is found on almost every cosmetic bottle or jar in the drawer. Lipsticks and Lip Glosses now change the fullness of your lips. Rejuvenating cleansers now take up space where the bar of soap used to sit. Today women have more choices then ever before to use products that perform double-duty…or so they say. Amazing Cosmetics wants to help dispel some of the myths that have been told to us by many in the cosmetics industry.

5 AMAZING Tips For Looking Younger

Tip 1: Use a Concealer! Your MAGIC eraser to a more youthful you! Use a crease-proof, waterproof multi-use concealer to erase dark circles, sun damage, broken capillaries, blemishes, redness and more. When using a highly pigmented, non-caking concealer, like Amazing Concealer only tiny dots are needed to make all those imperfections vanish without a trace! Applying concealer in the right locations… (triangle method for the eye area) will help lighten and brighten areas of the skin that begin to show the tell tale signs of aging. Around the eyes, around the nose and mouth… the results are truly amazing.

Finding the perfect concealer is a life changing experience. Yes, that’s right, life changing. I say this with the utmost confidence. Nothing says “young” more than great skin. Turn back the hands of time to a place when dark circles didn’t exist. Un-even skintone…never happened. While some women pile on layers of makeup to try and cover their tired skin, Amazing Cosmetics™ Amazing Concealer™ used in only teeny tiny amounts literally erases skin imperfections. Believe me, applying more product than necessary actually ages us drawing more attention to the trouble spots we were trying to hide in the first place! You can create a “flawless face” with Amazing Concealer.

Tip 2: Look for a “lighter” Foundation. Heavy, caked-on coverage makes you look older and is a look that is hopefully gone for good. You can have a flawless complexion without using thick opaque foundations. Concentrate on choosing a mineral powder foundation that matches your skintone, without shimmer. Using a Foundation with iridescence is like putting a spotlight on your trouble areas. Even if you think your complexion is one that needs more coverage, you will be pleasantly surprised at the natural, full coverage you can achieve using Mineral Powder Foundation. Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powder, foundation… only better!

Tip 3: Fill in your Brows. Framing the eye area is crucial to a younger looking eye, and filling in your brow with the right shade is a must. As we age, brows become less defined, loosing fullness and color. Applying Brow Powder with an Angle Brow Brush creates natural perfectly shaped brow quickly and easily. Take those few extra minutes in the morning to focus on your brow and look in the mirror after applying brow powder to one side- see that difference? We do too!

Tip 4: Pick the right shades for your skintone. I think selecting the right colors for your eyes, cheeks, and lips is easier said than done. We all read the magazine articles that share which products and shades Heidi or Cindy are wearing. So we rush to our favorite cosmetics counter to purchase our new obsessions only to find once home- they don’t look on us the way they looked on them! Ugh! Lighting and airbrushing skew the actual color sometimes and oops- the “real” color might not look good on you. Ok, so what are we supposed to do? Have no fear; here is the lowdown on selecting the perfect shades for you. Start out by spending a little time at the cosmetic counter. There is nothing like trying color. Sometimes just changing the color of your blush or eye shadow slightly will make a huge difference. Using warm instead of cool tones, matte instead of shimmer, will help in creating a younger appearance.

Tip 5: Eye Shadow Primer. Using Eye Shadow Primer will not only keep your eye shadow application looking fresh, it will make sure your shadow stays put. Eye Shadow that slips down below the eye, settling into those tiny creases ages you, creating shadows, darkening the entire under-eye area.