Skin Solutions with Laser Treatments

By on February 27, 2010, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Skincare

When it comes to the latest ways to look younger, we want it faster, cheaper and less invasive. That’s where lasers come in – in the world of beauty, they offer the greatest results with the least downtime, not to manage the least damage to your pocketbook. From unwanted hair to sun damage to broken blood vessels to deep wrinkles, laser treatments offer the perfect solution to almost any skin concern with just a few quick trips to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office, without the need for surgery.

There are many types of lasers and each uses a different high-tech method to target different layers of the skin, depending on what problem is being treated. For example, the uppermost layer houses pigmentation and small vessels, while large pores, texture and Collagen-loss are treated in the middle layer and skin tightening occurs in the deepest layer. Before having any laser treatment done, it’s important to consult a trusted doctor who specializes in lasers to help guide you to a treatment that is right for your skin type, desired results and budget.

Fractions that Make Sense
One of the latest techniques to catch on with youth-seekers is fractional resurfacing (like Fraxel, ProFraxel and Mosaic) – they offer maximum anti-aging benefits such as improving fine lines, fading sun spots and correcting uneven skintone over the course of several treatments, with minimal downtime and risk. Each treatment creates thousands of microscopic holes in the skin, which stimulates Collagen production and helps speed cell regeneration, while leaving surrounding tissue intact, leading to significantly less healing time than previous resurfacing techniques.

Slimmer, Sleeker You
It’s never been easier (of faster) to melt fat than with laser-assisted lipolysis like SmartLipo or ProLipo. After a tiny fiber is inserted just under the skin via small incisions, laser energy helps melt fat cells while tightening surrounding skin, with results seen in as little as one week. Because such targeted lasers are used, it’s possible to remove fat from just about anywhere, even smaller areas such as double chins, love handles, upper arms, inner thighs and knees.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Laser hair removal is the fastest, most convenient way to de-fuzzing for good. Over the course of several treatments, the hair follicle is zapped by a laser and destroyed, resulting in significantly less (or no) hair regrowth. One of five different lasers is used, but the IPL, diode and Nd:Yag are the most common, so make sure to ask which one is best for your different hair color and skintone.

In the Clear
Acne isn’t just an issue for adolescents – over 50 percent of adults are plagued by the occasional pimple. For persistent blemishes, treatments likeIsolaz, ClearLight and CureLight that utilize blue light have been shown to be tremendously effective in clearing up acne attacks by killing the bacteria that cause breakouts and shrinking oil glands over the course of three-plus treatments.

Firm Deal
ReFirme is a virtually painless 30-minute treatment for tightening sag, firming flab and smoothing skin in as little as one to five sessions. The combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies (a technology called elõs) precisely heat deep tissue to stimulate collagen, resulting in improved skin tautness and smoothness with little to no downtime.

Vein, Vein, Go Away
Schlerotherapy has always been the go-to standard for dissolving pesky veins (with an injection that causes the vein to collapse), but now IPL vein therapies have been shown to be highly effective – a light beam is pulsed onto the veins in order to seal them off, causing them to dissolve after two to three treatments.

As there are numerous different types of laser treatments, it’s imperative to get a consultation from a trusted dermatologist or plastic surgeon to help determine which treatment is best for your specific skin type and desired results.