Summer Preview 2010 Letter from Robin

By on April 14, 2010, in Fashion Trends, Letters from Robin, Soft Surroundings

Hi! Did you know Soft Surroundings designs most of its own clothes and all of our bedding collections?

We spend hours selecting or engineering just the perfect soft fabric for each piece. Above each copy block, you’ll find a cloud with a number in it. This is our Softness Rating. We do this to help you understand how luxuriously soft our clothing and bedding is.

Soft Surroundings’ philosophy is that we can do wonderful things for ourselves just by wearing soft, comfortable clothes (always in our very own way) and ease ourselves off to sleep just a little faster on sheets and blankets a baby would have.

Remember to stop and smell the flowers!


President and Founder
Soft Surroundings

  • Lorrie Gitz

    Dear Robin,
    I recently visited your barrinton store in Illinois and I became a true customer upon entrance. I was only going to stay a couple of minutes, but one hour and a shopping bag of goodies convinced me I’ve finally found a store I can truly find clothes in and more that I will love wearing over and over.
    I am gratefull for the experience.
    Thank you,

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