Cool Mom — Soft Story

By on April 26, 2010, in Soft Stories

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Raising a daughter has had blessings galore but daughters are hard on their moms! When mine reached adolescence, I became the topic of any number of “editorial critiques” which continued into her teen years. Fashion was just one topic. I frequently heard about my “mom jeans”.   Telling her, “You wouldn’t really WANT me to look like you and your friends, anyway,” would always buy me some time between comments.

Since buying from Soft Surroundings in the past year and a half, I get loads of comments like, “Mom, you look HOT!” or “You actually look COOL!” or “Dad, you should be proud of Mom!” She has really liked the Velvet Leggings, Have to Have Leggings, Metro Leggings, Paris Pullover, and grey Take It Easy Topper.

I plan to keep Soft Surroundings at the top of my catalog list. Thanks, Soft Surroundings, for helping (in one aspect) to make me a “Cool” mom!