Paula Dorf Eye Transformers Demonstration Video

By on June 7, 2010, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Video

Paula Dorf, makeup artist extraordinaire, is best known for her innovative beauty products and precision tools.  Featured on the pages of the top beauty and fashion magazines, Paula’s makeups are favorites of many of today’s hottest stars.  Soft Surroundings and Paula Dorf recently teamed up to shoot how-to videos so that you can follow Paula’s mantra and become your own makeup artist™.

How to use the Transformer & Transformer Brush

Video Transcript

Narrator: Expert makeup artists Paula Dorf has been in the beauty business for over 20 years, working in film, television, and music videos. Her list of celebrity client reads like a who’s who list. As a pioneer of the make industry, Paula Dorf has designed revolutionary makeup tools that make applying cosmetics easier and mistake proof. Paula’s cosmetics solve many universal makeup challenges. Her technique for application ensures flawless, long-lasting wear. Paula Dorf’s mantra: become your own makeup artist. We know these instructional videos will help you do just that.

Paula Dorf: What this brush does is, with the Transformer, I’m going to put it on the upper, inside lash line.  This is a patented brush.  What we’re going to do is we’re going to put a couple of drops and I’m going to take the Ttransformer Brush and tap it into the liquid. And again, going around the edges like a paste. This may sound a little tricky, but if you practice for this, you’ll definitely get it.

So what I’m going to do is put this on the upper, inside lash line. The way it’s curved, it fits everyone’s eye. And I know you’re all thinking, ‘Oh I can’t do this. I’m going to blink.’ It’s ok. You just have to practice it.

(Paula to model) And look down please.

And what I’m doing is, I’m going right into the upper lash line. So you don’t see anything on top. It’s right on the upper, inside lash line. And what this does is it gives that illusion that you have a double lash line. A lash line so thick and it gives beautiful definition to the eyes. It’s so simple to use.