Perfect Eye Makeup With Glasses

By on June 21, 2010, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics

Earrings are great, and a nice necklace can really complete an outfit. But glasses are the perfect built-in-accessory that many people overlook. Don’t let your glasses be a burden; use those fabulous frames to your advantage! Here are some creative makeup tips for looking your best in your specs.

It’s all in the eyes

Your glasses frame two of your most flattering features, your eyes. That’s why proper makeup application and complementary colors are key; any clumped lashes or smudged lines will be magnified.

  • Take a look at your glasses. Do you have bold, colorful frames? If so, balance them out with more understated eye makeup; too much pizzazz can be overwhelming.

For all you nearsighted ladies, keep in mind that your lenses make your eyes look smaller. Counter that effect with dramatic eye makeup.

  • Line your upper lid right along the lash line; dab a shimmery highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes to help illuminate. Choose lighter, pastel colors (dark shades make your eyes smaller). If you choose to go bold, just remember to blend!

You farsighted femmes should go easy on the eye makeup; your lenses tend to magnify.

  • Use darker, neutral shades and avoid bright colors. Limit yourself to one coat of mascara and use eyeliner sparingly. Make your lips the strongest feature with a rich, bold color.

Keep in mind…

  • Glasses will enhance any dark circles under your eyes; use a light-reflecting concealer to mask imperfections.
  • Curling your eyelashes will add drama and keep them from poking your lenses.
  • Glasses put your eyebrows on display, so keep them groomed and tidy. Use a tinted eyebrow gel or pencil to fill in sparse brows, while adding shape and hold.
  • Powders tend to flake and stick to your lenses; so go for cream shadows.
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