Win a $1,000 Soft Surroundings Wardrobe & California Spa Vacation!

By on July 2, 2010, in Soft Surroundings

We understand that women today are world-class multi-taskers  who care for everyone  else  before they take the time to be good to  themselves; they build incredible careers; they are the glue  that holds their families together, they work for the  causes they love; and  they  try to maintain  their bodies and minds like no other generation before them.   This  is why Soft Surroundings has teamed up with Fab Over Fifty to create a fabulous giveaway.

Just click here and leave a comment to enter to win a fabulous California Spa Getaway and a Soft Surroundings wardrobe .

The winner will  receive:

  • A Soft Surroundings wardrobe worth $1,000 to take on the trip.
  • 4 days and  3 nights at the Terranea Oceanfront Resort in Rancho  Palos Verdes, California +  airfare for  two!
  • Dinner for  two at Mar’sel, Terranea’s acclaimed oceanfront  restaurant
  • Two  classic massages at the  Terranea spa
  • See  complete entry  rules, here.

Fab Over Fifty is  a site we love here at Soft  Surroundings. By “Celebrating Women of Style and  Substance,” Fab Over  Fifty offers fashion tips, exclusive offers, and advice  for women.   By registering on their site, you will be part of a community of women where you can share your   passions for style and fashion.  You will also have access to  exclusive  offers like the one above.

Recently, Robin  Sheldon, the president of Soft  Surroundings, did an interview for Fab Over  Fifty. Robin embodies the  idea of celebrating style and substance and  certainly qualifies as “Fab  Over Fifty!” The whole interview can be found here.

  • susan l

    How wonderful that someone’s thinking of us “over 50’s”
    I’m wondering if others like me are going thru a mini-identity-crisis over how we should look. I feel too young for the short curly permed hair and non-revealing unfashionable clothes. The idea of being treated to beautiful spa experience and receiving gorgeous SS clothes is so delicious. It would be a rejuvenating on every level!

  • Judyth Fetzko

    A dream in soft surroundings all the way around every second of this v-k opportunity and a wardrobe to die for. This is a dream to come true for me and I know every minute will be savored in joy.

  • Linda Miller

    A dream vacation has been on my wish list, with a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, for a long time. Working in the medical field often finds myself caring for others first and myself last. The idea of being pampered in beautiful surroundings with soothing, therapeutic massages is more than I can anticipate and more than my imagination can ever imagine. I know I would enjoy and savor every minute.

  • Rahele

    it’s been 1year that i and my hausband come to honey moon and we are still in honey moon it was my first trip to a foreign country and our first trip together(en couple) i found soft.S cloths very interesting and i really wish to buy some for my mome and my brother’s wife.
    i live in paris and i don’t know how to buy these beautiful cloths always i can only watch them in my email but maybe this summer i would take a tripe to US and buy any thing that i can’t find in france 😀
    see you soon

  • charlene stanley

    My husband and I took our first real vacation in 17 years (since our honeymoon)! We flew to Portland Oregon with a stop in Seattle. We visited the Mt St Helens site, some awe inspiring waterfalls and watched a glorious fireworks display on the Pacific Ocean while lying on our backs on the beach. Through it all I enjoyed it all while being comfortable and stylish. Soft surroundings clothing. Because of this vacation I realized that now I need a vacation from my vacation 🙂

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