Fall Preview 2010 Catalog Letter from Robin

By on August 18, 2010, in Letters from Robin, Soft Surroundings
Recently, while visiting friends in Montana, I encountered a wonderful reminded to stop and think. A row of hand-crafted brass medallions were applied to the floor between the front hall and living room. Their purpose is to make anyone crossing the threshold pause and consider their transition into a new space — a gentle prompting to take time to appreciate new surroundings — to raise awareness of change. This beautiful Tibetan accent (shown here) was thoughtful and so timely.
The approaching season is just such a transition. I hope you can take a moment to appreciate your surroundings as they shift and evolve into their next iteration.
President and Founder
Soft Surroundings
  • Sally U

    You have captured the essence of the ancient brass tiles perfectly. Transitions should be thoughtful. And soft Surroundings offers us women ways to dress with ease, and yet mindful of who we are.
    Thank you.

  • Winifred Lattrell

    I love your clothes,I wish that you had a few more tops that are not v neck . a lot of us can’t wear this type of top, because we have a long neck and boney shoulders.

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