Fall 2010 Letter from Robin

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Dear friends,

Fall 2010 is one of our most favorite collections ever!

We’ve gone to great lengths to make style ultimately wearable and soft. You can feel the romance! Our throws are just-for-napping perfection, our bedding is the embodiment of “comfy cozy.” State of the art beauty solutions will keep you as beautiful as clothing and bedding will make you feel!




President and Founder
Soft Surroundings

  • Marlene

    I love your clothes but live in Canada. How does ordering to an American address work? I have never heard of doing this. Please bring your stores to Canada!

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Marlene,

      Thank you for your Canadian vote! Currently, we do not ship to Canada; however, we have some loyal Canadian friends that have a US friend mail their Soft Surroundings treasures to them. Now that’s a good friend!

      Your request for a store in Canada has been forwarded to our retail team for consideration. Every vote counts and we love hearing that our good neighbors want to shop with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest Soft Surroundings news. You will always be in the know!

      Soft Surroundings

  • Noeline

    PLEASE ship to Canada. Good business waiting for you!

  • Lori


    So, are you going to be shipping to Canada any time in the near future?

    Three Christmases have passed since I’ve found your catalogue and I still drool….

    Please consider it.

    Thanks so much.

    Lori in Toronto

  • Theresa

    Please, please change your company’s policy with regards to not shipping to Canada. Lands End, LL Bean and many others ship to Canada everyday and thus have happy customers and repeat business from this side of the border. I just love your clothes and am very unhappy that I can’t. Thank you

    • Soft Surroundings


      Thank you for your comments. International shipping is something we would like to eventually do. Once we are able, all of our customers and fans will be notified. Thank you for being a fan of Soft Surroundings!

      Soft Surroundings

  • Mary

    Hi, I live in Ontario, Canada. I order several times a year from SoftSurroundings and use a U.S. address for shipping. I am not able to order on line but can easily order by calling the 1 800 number. Customer service has my details on hand and checks availibility for me before confirming my order. I have never had to call again, everything gets shipped to the U.S. address I use. It has all run very smoothly. I do explain to customer service when I first call that I am using a Canadian credit card with an American address. I have a UPS Buffalo address and they send it directly to me.


    I love the looks of your clothing, but can you tell me, do the clothes tend to run small or large ? It is such a breath of fresh air to see items longer, instead of the short teeny bopper just beneath the boobs. Thanks,

  • Suzanne

    I have been longing to order from your catalog and web site for a few years now and only just recently placed my first order. I have been excitedly waiting my new boots and jacket only to be incredibly disappointed that the ship date keeps on being changed to a later and later date. I have been waiting a whole month! This is not something that I am used to having to do with other companies and will certainly make me think twice about ordering from you in the future. Hopefully the items will be so wonderful that I will forget how long I had to wait.

  • Christine

    I think Soft should do more education regarding silk. The incredible durability, the insulating factor, the stay cool factor (especially during menopause). Silk is literally strong enough to stop bullets! I call my wardrobe my bullet-proof wardrobe. And how lovely bullet-proof from Soft is.

  • Christine

    I shop at Soft Surroundings whenever possible. I have a full closet of silks. I am allergic to most fabrics and I am so grateful for Soft. Plus sizing has made me a lifelong fan. I only wish there were more nightgowns in natural fiber for plus size women. There never seems to be any nighwear in plus size. Please, please keep up the good work. The economy is awful, but a company like Soft should and will endure. I don;t think I have ordered clothing from any other company in years.

  • CONCON212

    I have a Canadian credit card and order successfully through Soft Surroundings to a US address. The only problem is I have to go through several calls with the support center before the items are finally shipped. I have been told that if they put your Canadian card through manually, the system works. I am truly enjoying all my many wonderful purchases from this very unique Company.


  • Mikki B.

    My former boss always used SS for my birthday and Christmas gifts. I loved everything she ordered for me! Before that I had never heard of the company. Now, not a week goes by that I don’t browse online or your catalog I get in the mail. I get lots of compliments whenever I wear my two crossover tops in teal and black which were the first items I ordered from you. The fit is devine and the fabric is wonderful and feels like it will never wear out! I especially love your sales…they are wonderful. I will keep buying for sure as I can always be guaranteed top quality items from you.

  • Jennifer

    I just LOVE your catalog!! Even with all of my size changes due to injury and illness, I ALWAYS find the right size, and NEVER need to alter!! And it’s such a comfort to have beautiful, stylish and VERY comfortable clothes to put on every day!!
    I have facebooked and invited all of the women in my life to visit you also, so they can feel the comfort as well.
    Thank you so much!!
    Jennifer in NH

  • LauraB

    Love your product lines. One that you might want to offer (as it is hard to find in the US) is that of Biokosma. Their products are very natural, healthy and best of all they WORK. (There was a foot softening product that was AMAZING but very hard to get, now…)

    Keep up the wonderful work!!

  • sarah jones

    Hi again! I’m only 28- does this mean I do not qualify for the competition- I hope not! I just received your catalog in the mail, and I love absolutely everything in it! I always look for the softest most comfortable clothing, so I love your rating system. I can’t wait to order the Serafina Suede Jacket. I found out about Soft Surroundings from my ex mother-in-law (who I’m still very close with), and I’ve even gotten my mother addicted to Soft Surroundings. Thank you so much for always providing such a beautiful line of clothing.

  • Lisa B.

    I love the long-but-fitted things and the simple, uncomplicated items you have in your collection. Could you offer more earth tones? Pastels just don’t do it for some of us. Keep up the great design offerings!

  • ann in mi

    I just received my catalog, and everything looks beautiful. I think this will be a “comfort” catalog. Thank you so much!

  • angela

    I just love all the things this company sell, i just get some skirts the guilty is so good i can’t stop talking about them

  • LTor

    I purchased two ballerina tees this summer, in both sleeveless for layering and 3/4 sleeve. I absolutely love them. The fabric is substantial, which is a refreshing contrast to ubiquitous tissue-weight fabrics. The fit is very nice and they launder well. The ballerina tees are unique wardrobe pieces that I’m very much enjoying. Like the color options, as well. Thanks!

  • Caron MacLane

    I like the velvet tights.

    What fun!


  • paula jo

    Dear Robin,
    I adore all of your products. I really appreciate your rating system,as well. On rainy days I definately want the coziest of clothing on! I am currently redesigning my bedroom around your style I really enjoy the look of your bedrooms…keep up the eutopia!
    Paula Jo.

  • Mercy

    Dear Robin,
    Great to know that the owner is interested on the comments of her loyal customers. I’ve been a fan of SoftSurrounding, and every season I’ve got a couple of things to get my closet updated. But since winter 2009 I’ve got disappointed of the designs of women clothing. Most of the clothing lack of the uniqueness that has had in the past. You have been looking at your online catalogs avid to find “that special blouse or shirt or skirt” but it seems to me that lately the cloyhs are the same like the ones you find at the mall. Maybe you have new designers or they don’t have the “eye” to choose the fabrics. I don’t know, this is my humble opinion. Thank you very much!

  • Willie Hager

    Robin, I love your skirts and wish there were some tall tops.


  • ines seip

    I have fallen in love with a pair of boots that I can not order through your web site because you will not take a Canadian credit card even though I have a U.S. address to ship it to. Very disappointing. I don’t have this problem with Zappos or Endless. They take my credit card, when will you guys update your system so Canadians can order??

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