Color Story Videos for Fall Preview 2010

By on September 1, 2010, in Fashion Trends, Video

We created color story videos for some of our favorite products from our Fall Preview 2010 catalog. Let us know what you think!


Parma Top, San Marcos Top, Serafina Voile Quilt, Tamarindo Bay Bedcap, Casablanca Shirt, Sandwashed Topper, Mai Tai Top and Cami, Shapely Tencel Shirt

  • Sandra Shoemaker

    WOW great tops loved them all

  • Meridith Tietz

    I wanted to see the backs of the shirts, the models could spin. And I’d like to hear the music move beyond the loop of 4 bars. If you’re going to string the views together, let the melody go and add some harmony later. It’s a nice start, though.

  • Tammi Stageberg

    It is really nice to see the clothes on models in action. I loved the San Marcos Top. I also like the Sarina Suede Shirt. It would be nice to see the tops with a variety of combinations. I wear jeans and skirts a lot, not real body clinging pants. How do these tops match up with other combinations? The bedding is gorgeous!

  • Terri Figueroa

    I liked the video because it gives me a true picture on how the blouses look on a person. However, what I noticed on the first few blouses was that the models were keeping me from viewing the front of the blouses with their hands. Just a thought!

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