Fall 2010 Letter from Robin

By on September 29, 2010, in Letters from Robin, Soft Surroundings

Dear friends,

Fall 2010 is one of our most favorite collections ever!

We’ve gone to great lengths to make style ultimately wearable and soft. You can feel the romance! Our throws are just-for-napping perfection, our bedding is the embodiment of “comfy cozy.” State of the art beauty solutions will keep you as beautiful as clothing and bedding will make you feel!




President and Founder
Soft Surroundings

  • Caron MacLane

    I like the velvet tights.

    What fun!


  • paula jo

    Dear Robin,
    I adore all of your products. I really appreciate your rating system,as well. On rainy days I definately want the coziest of clothing on! I am currently redesigning my bedroom around your style I really enjoy the look of your bedrooms…keep up the eutopia!
    Paula Jo.

  • Mercy

    Dear Robin,
    Great to know that the owner is interested on the comments of her loyal customers. I’ve been a fan of SoftSurrounding, and every season I’ve got a couple of things to get my closet updated. But since winter 2009 I’ve got disappointed of the designs of women clothing. Most of the clothing lack of the uniqueness that has had in the past. You have been looking at your online catalogs avid to find “that special blouse or shirt or skirt” but it seems to me that lately the cloyhs are the same like the ones you find at the mall. Maybe you have new designers or they don’t have the “eye” to choose the fabrics. I don’t know, this is my humble opinion. Thank you very much!

  • Willie Hager

    Robin, I love your skirts and wish there were some tall tops.


  • ines seip

    I have fallen in love with a pair of boots that I can not order through your web site because you will not take a Canadian credit card even though I have a U.S. address to ship it to. Very disappointing. I don’t have this problem with Zappos or Endless. They take my credit card, when will you guys update your system so Canadians can order??

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