European Inspiration

By on December 7, 2010, in Fashion Trends, Soft Surroundings

Designing clothing for Soft Surroundings is the best job in the world!

We just returned from England and France where we treasure-hunted through flea markets, boutiques, vintage stores and obscure designer lofts in search of inspiration for the wonderful collections we’ll be designing for you over the next year.

We were so inspired and excited by all new direction we found to interpret. Fresh ideas were everywhere – not only in the various stores and markets but on women of every age as they sipped café au lait or hurried through the streets to their next appointment. European women have always had a way with clothes, they make it look so effortless. That’s what we want for you too.

Unexpected combinations made the greatest statement – like; reworked classics updated with modern touches; tailoring and structure, combined with romantic and drapey; glamorous and alluring with ultra casual.

This years collections included perfect shades of traditionally chic colors like camel and gray, accented with a touch of leopard or a pinch of plaid. Layering is still the perfect way to express your individuality . Fur accents everything from coats and dresses to soft tee shirts. Comfy loungewear pants styled with tailored tweed jackets are an unexpected combination and exude a relaxed sophisticated style.

Don’t forget about the statement piece, whether it’s a fabulous accessory or an investment sweater. Every collection shows them. What a terrific way to update your wardrobe! With so many ways to reinvent yourself this season, it’s one of my favorites of all time. Have fun with your clothes, make your own rules – it’s what style is all about.



  • Kathi

    My sister has just founf out she has breast cancer again and she is abvout to start chemo and lose her hair. We have been having Christmas together for over 30years and this was going to be her time to have it. I look through your catalogue everyday and I want to order her the blue sherpa blue sherpa pjs and heat therapy bunny wrap and the pink snuggle up and the gray flower hat and the paisley clog and the do wop gels and the pink sleepy socks and the dance like no one’s wathching p2. It might make her life a little easier, but I can’t afford it.
    So everyday I loook and dream I wish I could win the sweapstakes for her.

  • Darcy

    I just got the catalog, and I will be rewarding myself in January! Some of the sweaters have that French touch, and you know how French women are!

    And I’m trying to decide which curtains I like best!

  • Marilyn

    I love ordering from Soft Surroundings. I wear talls and am glad I found you. Today I ordered two long sweaters. I often find a top shown under the sweater/coat but cannot locate in the catalog. I spend 30 minutes looking for it and get really frustrated. Most catalogs will direct you to the other things shown? Why not reduce frustration, increase sales and it is a win win. Marilyn

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