Making Makeup Last Longer and Look Better

By on December 17, 2010, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics

By: Sue Devitt

After applying your makeup early in the morning you still want it to look great when the evening rolls around. Instead of doing constant touchups and carrying all of your makeup in your purse, make things easier on yourself with the right amount of prep work. These tips will help you achieve a look that stays put no matter how much moving you do.

Layer: Layering is the key to lasting makeup. The most important thing when applying the layers is to have a light touch. This keeps your look fresh and natural.

Prime: Start with primer. This may not be the first product you think about when applying makeup, but it makes a world of difference. A treatment primer applied before your foundation creates a smooth canvas for makeup application and actually helps bind makeup to the skin for longer wear throughout an entire day.

Apply: Next apply foundation. The most effective way to apply foundation is with your hands. Your fingers allow you to really work around the different contours of the face, and most importantly it allows you to feel your skin’s hydration level. Start with the T-zone and work your way outward. Then, apply a light dusting of loose powder on the T-zone and cheeks, followed by concealer where needed.

Focus: Then focus on your eyes. Apply jewel tones all over your eye lid for a subtle effect that will look gorgeous all day.

Finish: Spray a hydrating finishing spray on top of your makeup – it helps to keep makeup in place all day! Choose a mist that offers treatment benefits. Spray it on any foundation and your foundation instantly becomes enhanced with anti-aging ingredients.

  • Georgie

    Because mascara needs to be replaced every 3 months, I always
    keep the mascara box and write on the date I first opened the tube.
    I thought this was my own idea….not so…..there are many people who
    write the opening date of their mascara on the box!
    Thank you for all of the safety dates for cosmetics. I really appreciate
    your information. Keep it coming!!!

  • Soft Surroundings

    “Just as with your hands, if you don’t properly clean your makeup brushes before application, you run the same risk of breakouts. However unlike sponges or brushes fingertips warm up the foundation, which helps ease application. Also, your fingers can really work around the different contours and corners of the face where makeup brushes and sponges can miss these key areas.” — Sue Devitt

  • Theresa

    I would never apply my foundation with my fingers…The risk of spreading germs,bacteria,dirt,oil etc.are very high. A good brush or disposable make-up sponge is the best way.

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