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Jill Kirsh Color Swatch  BookNo matter how expensive the dress or luxurious the makeup, if the shade is wrong, it just doesn’t work. This is the principle around which well-known color consultant Jill Kirsh, dubbed “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue,” developed her Swatch Book, a unique color palette of fabrics designed as the perfect tool to enhance your natural beauty.

Jill believes that based on hair color alone, the right shade can make or break your look. No time for makeup? Throw on a t-shirt in the right shade and you’ll shine. Amplify that look with an eyeshadow or blush that compliments your do and you’ll be a knockout.

Here’s a preview on how to choose the best makeup and outfits to match your hair color.

Ash, Blonde, Platinum, GrayAsh Blonde, Platinum and Gray

The Makeup

Eyes: soften your look with shades of gray shadow and a brown liner and mascara.

Lips: go for a beautiful rose-colored gloss.

Cheeks: a rosy pink blush looks best.

The Outfit

Choose pastels like baby blue or lavender and shed the orange and tan.

Warm BlondesWarm Blondes

The Makeup

Eyes: sparkle with shadows in warm neutrals and soft greens to offset yellow strands.

Lips: emphasize lips with a stain in spice or golden brown.

Cheeks: Show off your cheeks with a peachy pink or coral blush.

What to avoid: matte nudes and blacks.

The Outfit

Opt for turquoise, lemon yellow and deep purple, stay away from dusty pastels.

Deep BrunettesDeep Brunettes

The Makeup

Eyes: choose a deep purple eyeshadow with a smudge of black liner to make brunette eyes pop.

Lips: bring out the pout with ruby or raspberry stain.

Cheeks: play up the cheeks with shades of pink and berry.

What to avoid: pale foundation, muted neutrals.

The Outfit

Royal blue, fuchsia and emerald green work for you. Pass on mustard, dusty blue or orange-based reds.

Golden Browns and RedheadsGolden Browns and Redheads

The Makeup

Eyes: Dazzle with a blend of champagne, mocha and green.

Lips: Shimmery neutrals will make your smile shine.

Cheeks: give a healthy glow with a dusting of bronzer

What to avoid: blues and blacks

The Outfit

Opt for eggplant, teal and orangey-red. Leave behind the pastels and blue undertones.

  • Sandy

    Does anyone offer classes on what “your” color pallette should be? This use to be the craze years ago and was very helpful for women to know what the “right” color was for them.

  • Terry

    Color Yourself Fabulous is very useful information. It simplifies choosing makeup and colors to wear, and saves time and money because I know what will work and make me look my best. It is streamlining and decluttering my makeup “bag” and closet. Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    I have golden brown/auburn hair, and I live by Jill’s color rules! I have been following her hue advice in both clothing and makeup for years, and it has always enhanced my look, leaving me with extra compliments where in other colors I would look flat or sallow. Eggplant and gold sequins are great for this time of year!

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