Snuggle Bunny — Soft Story

By on January 4, 2011, in Soft Stories, Soft Surroundings

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Bunny WrapI just wanted to tell you how much your products mean to me. I have been bedridden for a year and a half, due to chronic illness.  I love furry pets. I had 2 kitties until yesterday; one died, so now I only have one.

However, I have your “snuggle bunny,” the name I gave her, to put around my neck when my neck aches, or I have a headache, which for me is often. The scent of the lavender soothes me so much and the soft lil’ animal gives me peace.   Now that lil’ bunny will be taking the place of my lost “Lilykins.”

Aya Blu PerfumeI love the perfume (Aya Blu) from your catalog and can’t say enough about the eyebrows and hair stuff (Joan Rivers), as illness lost me a lot of my hair and eyebrows.  I can still feel attractive, even though I’m sick. Your pjs and robes look fabulous too, so I will be ordering again for Christmas. I also love the soft, loose, slouchy sweaters and tops that I can wear with my pj bottoms. My closet has become all soft, snuggly stuff this past year so you will be hearing from me.

Big thank yous and hugs,