Spring Makeup Color Trends

By on January 7, 2011, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Fashion Trends, Skincare

By: Sue Devitt

As fashion trends change and you’re eager to adapt to them, it’s also wise to update your makeup with the latest trends in color. This spring try bright eyes, coral coated cheeks, a hot pink pout, and dewy complexion.

Bright Eyes: For a smoky, colorful eye, that’s not as dramatic, switch from a deep charcoal or dark brown to a lighter shade in the same color family. This lighter color will still create a beautiful eye, but a softer, more natural look.

Bold Lips: A strong pink or coral lip is going to be huge this spring. It’s the perfect look for everyday or a special occasion. Hot pink is also a fresh alternative to classic red, and works on every skintone.

Face FoundationSweet Cheeks: Contoured cheeks are sure to have heads turning this season. So warm up your complexion with a sheer wash of a coral, peach, or bronze blush blended into the apples of the cheek. This will give you a healthy flush that was all the rage on the runways.

Fresh Face: Makeup this spring should be natural and polished, and to add a little edge to your look try a hint of shimmer high up on the apples of the cheeks. After applying your usual blush, take your fingertip and just dab a bit on – you’ll instantly look refreshed and glowing.

  • Gayle

    Love Soft Surroundings!! I live in an extremely rural mountain area where internet/phone shopping saves us! Love your fragrances, love your clothes. They are more on “the edge” but elegant and garner me LOTS of compliments!

    My life was changed in 2003 by having GBS surgery and especially in the past 5 years I’ve been “recapturing” my previously unrealized dream of looking great with wonderful clothes.

    Thanks Soft Surroundings!

  • Carolyn

    Ok, I have great genetics. Although a full 62 years of age, (don’t stop reading!! It gets better!!) my father’s astounding genetics has people believing my age to be around 35 years, give or take. My friend, Bev, moseying around the Kroger Grocery with me, was positioned ahead of me in the check-out line several months ago. She had just recovered from a hospital stay, and was sitting in the electric shopping cart, rummaging around her purse to find her credit card. I was helping her. The check-out woman chimed in, well, you (that would be Me…) can probably find your mother’s card! Embarrassed to near-death, not for me but for my friend, Bev (we had been in the same class throughout most of high school, I said “she isn’t my mother”, and I could palpably feel Bev’s desperation to have called back that mistake that robbed her of 20 or more years, and my losing 20 or more years; take your pick. Bev dresses very well, but has put on some weight, mostly in her trunk area. I, too, dress well, thanks in large part to Soft Surroundings wardrobe choices. Soft Surroundings carries age-appropriate garments that are, at the same time, youthful and beauty-boosting to the extreme. Just what we “boomers” need and are looking for. Cheap out on your clothes and you will look cheap. Thank you,Soft Surroundings ,for the wonderful, youthful garments that we “baby Boomers” are dying to find.
    C. Beth Mitchell

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