A Word (or Two) about Menopause

By on March 4, 2011, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Well Being

Hormones fluctuating, irregular periods and a host of other not-so-pleasant side effects. It may be inevitable, but we all still have a choice: grin and bear it, or take charge and do whatever we can to take on the symptoms head-on. Here are some tried-and-true (and one very new) tips that really help.

Hot flashes

These occur when blood vessels expand and the body temperature rises. They can be attributed mostly to failing estrogen levels and symptoms include mild to severe flushing of the skin, sweating and feelings of intense heat.

What to do:

  • Dress accordingly – wear layers so that you can shed that cardigan or wrap. Keep clothing loose; opt for the blouse over the turtleneck. The right wardrobe can be a lifesaver when the heat is on.
  • Relax – Sounds simple enough, but staying calm and taking a few deep breaths can head off a hot flash at the pass.
  • Know your triggers – For some women it’s caffeine and spicy food, for others it’s doing the laundry. Keep track of when and why your hot flashes occur and you may be able cut down on the discomfort.
  • Get an instant cool down – We’re thrilled about a new spray-on product that has proven to instantly effect those flashes…it’s called Restore. Billed as an “Instant Hot Flash Aid,” the secret behind it’s efficacy is a special marine algae that helps cool, hydrate and balance the skin on contact. And what’s more, the effects can last up to four hours (it simply doesn’t evaporate away like water can). It’s getting a lot of talk in the media, and once you try it, you’ll see why!


During menopause, there are many changes taking place both emotionally and physically. Many women experience mood swings, insomnia and depression.

What to do:

  • Talk to others – there are many support groups available to women going through menopause. They provide a place of understanding and acceptance where women can go to get advice, share experiences and ask questions.
  • Stay active It’s a great stress-reliever and let’s not forget about the release of endorphins…the real “feel good” hormone. The added benefits? Better sleep and minimized weight-gain (a problem for many women at this time).
  • Ask a professional Everyone deals with stress differently and there are certain situations that can’t be solved with books, exercise or family. Be open to consult a professional and remember: there is help and you are certainly not alone.
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