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"Like" Soft Surroundings on Facebook

By on June 8, 2011, in Soft Surroundings

You know, many years ago, I mastered the art of the VCR. It was the last bit of technology I felt I was up to. I don't know if my brain felt full, or if all the new innovations simply didn't interest me. But let's face it: I was done!

That is until recently. Facebook has been a true informant, enjoyment, entertainment. I get to hear from old friends, keep up with issues that are important to me. An

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d interact with a world of people I truly care for… our Soft Surroundings customers.

When you 'Like' us, you too can chat with women who feel the same about Soft Surroundings. You hear first of new fashions, great sales, wonderful promotions, etc. You can really be a part of the Soft Surroundings family.

So I hope you will like us soon– hopefully as much as we like you!


  • Soft Surroundings

    Thank you for all of your comments. We have created a Soft Surroundings Facebook page to allow our shoppers to talk to each other and with us and find like-minded people who enjoy the same things. Hopefully it can be an interactive environment to discuss fashion, family, and fun. We do appreciate and value the your opinions of all of our customers and hope you continue to shop with us in the future.

  • Mary

    I’m 60. I’m dying. A life well lived makes it okay. But as unlikely as it sounds, my adopted twin daughters are too. They are only 24. Moya-moya, not caught early enough because no one had heard of the disease in the hinterlands of Colorado. (Not to mention their birthmother and the adoption agency were not forthcoming with this critical information 20 years ago.) At any rate, my girls and I am are looking for new clothing for a wedding. And geeze, we hit this stuff. It seems so pithy; so insubstantial — these communications via facebook, twitter, tweet..when all a we want is nice clothing. I don’t understand these forms of communication but my daughters do. If they they make life better for others — fine whether I “get it” or not. But we all agree it seems insensitive, and manipulative and “over the top” when used to market. Join our Facebook of friends and we will give you x% off your next purchase? Gods bones, is there no respect for that which is within a person and belongs to a person — his or hers to share without corporations using it for marketing purposes? I’d wear something old before I’d use that kind of discount.

  • janet

    Love you on Facebook! ARGHHHHH If that’s the only way you can keep up with friends, family, etc, and stay informed, then you have my sympathy.

    So, so sorry. I was long time Soft Surroundings customer, but sad to say no longer because of the lack of American made products. And now the Facebook thing.

    Most sincerely,

  • mary huber

    I love the clothes, beauty product, and home furnishings in the Soft Surroundings catalog. The elegant style, the beautifully soft fabrics, and the dignity with which the writers and buyers for Soft Surroundings hold their customers are deeply appreciated.
    Mary Huber

  • Barri

    I love,love,love everything I’ve ordered and received from Soft Surroundings. I’ve got my mother ordering now and my sister. I will be ordering again today. Well, maybe not today, got to wait for payday. Thank you for the quality products and the ez shipment and return policy. This is my new favorite shopping site. Kindest regards, Barri