New Online Beauty Question & Answer Service Brings “Social” to the Soft Surroundings Experience

By on September 8, 2011, in Soft Surroundings

The Beauty department at Soft Surroundings strives to help you – our customer – discover the best beauty products for your individual needs. To help in this endeavor, we have recently launched our online “Question & Answer” service, or Q&A for short, available within our Beauty & Fragrance category at  You can ask questions about products you are considering, and then receive answers from either Beauty ‘experts’ or fellow shoppers. (Please note this is a different feature than “Live Chat.”)


A unique feature of the online Q&A is the ability to answer questions asked by our other website visitors. So along with posting your own questions, you can also answer your fellow shoppers’ questions, too, if you have insights about the product the other shopper is inquiring about. You can answer others’ questions regardless if you have posted any questions of your own.

In addition to answers provided by our online community, the Beauty experts at Soft Surroundings can respond directly online to submitted questions.  Please note it will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for submitted questions to appear, and then can be up to a week before Soft Surroundings will post an answer. Why so long? Because we prefer to wait a bit and see if one or more of our customers will answer the question for you!  We believe hearing comments from other customers who have tried that very same product can be very powerful.

Of course, you can always call our professional Customer Care representatives directly to ask your questions over the phone. Our online Q&A complements our existing Customer Care and extends the superior service we strive to provide our customers. Our hope is this feature offers an enhanced “social” shopping experience for all visitors to

Are you thinking of questions already, or would like to help out a fellow shopper with an answer? To learn more about how to get started, please visit this Q&A informational page on our website’s“Customer Care” section. As always, Soft Surroundings welcomes your feedback on this new service and any suggestions you may have. Happy Beauty shopping!

  • Cynthia

    Gee, You emailed me and told me that I would be getting a $25.00 refund for the flawed shirt I decided to keep in spite of the problem with it. Well, I never got the check, so we’re done.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Ms. Simpson,

      We are very sorry to hear our level of service did not meet your expectations. We strive to not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

      We spoke with you on August 10th regarding the Tahiti Tunic. We offered you an adjustment of $25 to keep the item, and the refund was issued in mid-August to the credit card you used to place the initial order. To date, we show there were no problems with issuing the credit back to that card, however we recommend you contact the credit card company to confirm the $25 was posted. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact a Supervisor at 888-414-7638. Thank you for Shopping Soft Surroundings.

  • Robin

    Thank you Soft Surroundings for your beautiful unique styles. Regular clothing stores do not carry the kind of styles that you offer. I purchased the turquoise floor length dress and got SO many compliments opening night of the art gallery.
    I also purchased the ivory/tan maroon floral floor length skirt with the open weave ivory/tan sweater top. I will be wearing this for my daughters wedding in 2 weeks.
    Thanks again for your clothing styles.
    Sincerely, Robin Scheldberg,

    • Soft Surroundings


      Thank you for your lovely comments – our apparel designers will be delighted to read them! We are happy you are so pleased with your purchases, and we wish you a wonderful time at your daughter’s upcoming wedding.

      Soft Surroundings

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