Creating the Perfect Blow Out

The Scoop on the Perfect Blow Out

By on September 26, 2011, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Hair, Soft Surroundings

Attract Wealth By Applying The Law Of Money Magnetism – Audio Program ing the Perfect Blow Out” width=”201″ height=”216″ />We all admire the look of the perfect blow out, but not many of us have the time to allow us to visit the salon once a week to achieve the look.  With the right tools and products, and a bit of practice, we can all have salon perfect hair at home.  No matter your hair type, here are the steps to take to create the perfect blow out.

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair using your favorite products.  You may want to consider using products created for smoothing and straightening.  Use cool water to help to seal the cuticle.  Blot wet hair with a towel to eliminate excess moisture.  Try using a chamois style towel designed to absorb water from hair.12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
  2. Apply a hair treatment product to help maintain healthy hair and to repair damage.  We like the 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment.  Work it through from scalp to ends (apply directly to hair or emulsify it in your hands).  Comb through to thoroughly distribute product.
  3. Apply a product to protect hair from heat styling like 12 Benefits Rapid Blowout directly to hair or work through with hands until evenly distributed from scalp to ends.  Comb through.
  4. Part your hair into 4 sections, first down the middle, then from ear to ear.  Clip sections to move hair out of your way.  If your hair is longer you may need to wrap the sections you aren’t working with into tiny buns.
  5. On the first section, point the blow dryer “mouth” at the root and in tandem with your round brush, move the dryer in a downward motion along the length of the hair shaft to the end.  (Be sure to move the dryer in a downward direction with the cuticle to seal and protect against the heat of the dryer).  The key is to keep the hair taught, straight and smooth while drying.  If hair starts to fly away or curl, release it from the brush and try again.  It will take a bit of practice to get the right technique.
  6. Repeat this motion until the section is dry.  Change the dryer temperature to “cool”, finishing the section with cool air to set the hair.
  7. Repeat with each section.
  8. Once you have dried every section, you can use a flat iron to smooth out any bends or kinks.
  9. Neil George Indian Gooseberry Treatment OilFinish the look by applying a finishing product to tame frizz, add shine and fight humidity.  We recommend the Neil George Indian Gooseberry Oil because it also adds nutrients and antioxidants while styling.

 By using this technique, you will seal the cuticle of your hair, leaving you with maximum shine, and a smooth, long-lasting finish.  The resulting effect, the perfect blow out style!

Here are few tips and tricks to help maintain your blow out longer and to help maintain the health of your hair while heat styling.

  1. Woman in RobeWhen taking a shower, use a wide cloth headband to hold your hair back from your face.  Have the edge of the band right at your hairline so that you are covering the hair that would be likely to get wet while washing your face.  Then cover your head with a shower cap. 
  2. Run your bathroom fan while showering to help fight the humidity in the bathroom.
  3. If your scalp and/or the roots of your hair start to feel oily or greasy, use a dry shampoo to absorb the oil.
  4. Use a cool setting on your hair dryer.  It might take a bit longer to get your hair dry, but the benefits for your hair are worth it.  For the same reason, use the lowest, effective setting on your flat iron.  Healthy hair will hold the style longer.

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