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Winter Holidays 2011 Letter from Robin

By on November 2, 2011, in Letters from Robin, Soft Surroundings

Well, here we go —

Christmas treeIt’s that time of year and the holidays are upon us. The season is not without a little stress as we over-achievers try to create a perfect experience for those we love. We’d love to make it easier for you.

After you’ve browsed through the pages to follow, take a peek at Not only are there many more holiday options there, but you can create a wishlist that we’d be glad to send to anyone you’d like to give a hint to. A Soft Surroundings Gift Card is a perfect present and you can even send it by e-mail. Soft Surroundings Gift Card

Our Golden Doodles, Molly and Zoe, both have the fabulous dogbeds on page 25 and have personally approved the Bag of Bones on page 53.

We wish you the very best this season and hope you can give yourself the gift of a little time to do whatever makes you relaxed and happy. I’ll be playing with my dogs.

Happy Holidays!


RobinMolly and Zoe