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The Scoop on Beauty Don’ts

By on November 2, 2011, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Hair, Skincare, Soft Surroundings

We all do things that we know aren’t good for ourselves but how often do you know why?  Here is the scoop on why beauty don’ts are don’ts and some better solutions.

woman washing her faceRemoving makeup and washing your face before going to bed – While it can seem like a no-brainer, at the end of a long day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is stand at the sink and go through your entire skin care routine.  But even if you don’t go through your entire routine, you owe it to your skin to cleanse it.  Over the day, dirt and oil can build up on skin, clogging pores and blocking the skin’s natural beauty.  And that’s without makeup.  At the end of the day, removing your makeup and the build up of the day allows your skin to “breathe” and helps to keep your complexion clear and radiant.  Having a clean surface will also help your skin to absorb any products you may apply.

Quick Tip #1:  Using pre-moistened face wipes are a quick and easy way to remove makeup and cleanse your face at the same time.  Many varieties also offer treatment benefits.  If you know that you want to climb into bed as soon as you get home, keep a pack in your purse and cleanse your face while sitting at a stoplight.

Pumping the mascara wand – We’re not sure when it became part of the makeup routine to pump the mascara wand into the tube, but we certainly know plenty of women who do it.  When asked why, not a single one could explain, it was just how they learned to get the mascara onto the wand.  But it is an unnecessary, and harmful, step.  Pumping the wand into the tube forces air into the product.  This can make it expire faster and can also dilute the formula making the product seem less effective.  The motion also can transfer bacteria from the wand into the product easier.  Mascara tubes are designed to coat the brush with the amount of product needed for one eye.  One dip is all you need.

Quick Tip #2: If you are getting towards the end of your mascara and want to try to make it last, instead of pumping the wand, try swirling it.  Insert the wand into the tube and swirl it around the inside.  You may be surprised how much is left.

Skipping the SPF – We all know that we need SPF everyday, but it’s an easy step to skip.  We tell ourselves it’s cloudy or I won’t really be outside today, but no matter the weather, we all need SPF everyday.  The damaging UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, rain and even glass.  So just because you aren’t ever out in the sun, doesn’t mean the sun can’t get to you.

Quick Tip #3: Don’t add another step to your routine; use a treatment, moisturizer or primer that also has SPF in it. A great multi-functional product that has a 30 SPF is the highly-rated Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation.

Brushing wet hair – We’ve all heard the expression; use the right tool for the job.  And it may seem that when facing a dripping head of tangles, a brush is that tool but it is not.  In fact, it is the worst possible choice.  Wet hair is very fragile and the force of a brush is too much for it.  Instead of gently separating your tangles, the brush will just tear through them, leaving you with broken and damaged hair.  Instead, use a styling hairwide tooth comb and a bit of patience to slowly work out the tangles.

Quick Tip #4: Apply a detangling product that also has hair styling benefits.  It will help you to comb through the tangles faster and then you’ve already worked the product through your hair.

Keeping makeup past its expiration date – We’ve all done it.  It’s hard to remember how long each piece is good for and sometimes, it’s even harder to part with a product that is still half full because the calendar tells you to.  But when it comes to shelf life, there is a reason behind the numbers.  Most products are good for about a year.  The exceptions are products that come into contact with our mouths, eyes, and blemishes.  These are the areas that harbor germs.  Repeated exposure can ultimately lead to a contaminated product and problems for your health.

Quick Tip #4: When you purchase a new product, put a small piece of masking tape with the expiration date written on it on the packaging.  You will have a constant reminder of when to let the product go.

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    Thank you for sharing! We bet you look fabulous!

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  • Bonnie

    All of the beauty hints are great. Please,ladies remember to always take off the make-up every night This is so important. I have done this ALL my life no matter how late or how long we partied. I am just starting to get my first wrinkle. By the way, I am 71!!!!

  • JaniceLynn

    Combing wet hair out? Especially long hair? Start at the ends and slowly work to the top of your head. You won’t even need a de-tangler! All hair dressers should learn this tip too!

  • celestine

    Also, when applying mascara, just place the brushvon the lashes and wiggle it side to side first then roll lashes thru brush. It helps get more product on. Love Apivita Shampoos, too.

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