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Aging, environmental stresses, UV rays, chemical services and everyday styling are just a few of the factors that contribute to hair damage, leaving strands brittle, dull and lifeless. And in the winter, things only get worse for hair’s overall health.

“You’re more likely to load up on treatments such as hair coloring and chemical straightening in the winter months-especially around the holidays,” says international hairstylist and Global Creative Director for Alterna Haircare, Michael Shaun Corby. “However, there are ways to prevent and sometimes even reverse the damage,” he adds.

Michael Shaun Corby of Alterna

Michael Shaun Corby of Alterna

Here are a few tips from Michael Shaun Corby on maintaining your hair’s health:

“Dry your hair completely before you head outside. It doesn’t cost a dime more than partially drying it, and dry hair is less susceptible to the outdoor elements, like wind and the cold, than wet hair,” says Corby.

Turn back the hands of time with ultra-moisturizing products specifically designed to restore and repair damage. “Alterna’s Caviar collection is formulated with super-charged ingredients that work to repair and prevent the effects of natural, environmental and chemical aging,” Corby explains. “We held a clinical study on our Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and 100% of the women showed an improvement in their hair’s shine, texture softness and manageability after just one use.”

“It’s also important to take an active approach to anti-aging hair care,” adds Corby. “Hair care formulas have become very advanced and are now able to reverse the signs of aging, helping us retrieve that youthful healthy look we all crave. For example, all of Alterna’s Caviar products utilize our proprietary Age-Control Complex┬« which uses Vitamin C, Cytokines, and pure Caviar Extract to fight the signs of aging.”

“Aging is something that everyone experiences. We are so concerned with fighting the signs of aging everywhere else in our lives — our skin, our weight, our lifestyle — why should hair be left out?”, says Corby. “This was an untapped market when Alterna launched the Caviar Anti-Aging range, so Alterna is really the pioneer of anti-aging hair care.”


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  • Susan

    This product ruined my hair. I’ve only used it once. It was awful. I am 60 years old and really wanted to try something new. I have to go overseas for a month and thought this would be a nice item to take. Well…I could not got a brush through my hair. My over-the-counter Panteene is much better. Sorry..but for $30.00 I feel like you did not in any way live up to your product. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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