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5 Tips to Freshen Up the Look of Your Home in 2012

By on January 18, 2012, in Home and Furniture, Soft Surroundings

Artie Vanderpoolby Artie Vanderpool of Color Outside the Lines

January not only means a new year, it means it’s time to start making realities out of all those resolutions you made in December, and to begin looking at everything around you with a positive, and fresh perspective. Why not start at Home? Soft Surroundings believes in providing you with unique and quality pieces that reflect your very sophisticated taste, and I believe in providing you with simple and easy ways to use those items to make your home just as fabulous and sophisticated as you are!

Worry not, this is not a post inciting whirlwind renovations across your entire home; rather a simple list of some of my favorite tips for how to easily and inexpensively freshen up the look of your home in 2012.

1. Add Lifecy twombly veranda low flower arrangement

Add life in your rooms with flowers and plants. Flowers are arriving at home centers, florists, and even grocery stores everywhere in droves, as the winter greenhouses ship out their big spring batch. A full low arrangement can add color, spice, and life to any area of your home! Arrange your own flowers and save hundreds; find small containers and cut the stems short, and always buy twice as many as you think you’ll need.

2. Paint

Get out the brush and touch up those scuffed spots left from Christmas Tree boughs, and Uncle John’s electric scooter during this year’s New Years Eve Bash. Don’t forget the baseboard, moldings, and crown, too! If you’re looking for a fresh new color, try one of the popular neutrals for 2012 from Benjamin Moore.

neutrals by benjamin moore

 3. Toss Up

In my house, I have a closet filled with pillow covers, throws, and slips (slipcovers) for almost every mood. Now is a great time to switch out those dark red velvets, with light linens and cashmere, and slipcover those dining room chairs! Take the opportunity now to change out the dark and cozy, for the light and comfy! You’ll love the difference it makes! If you’re looking for beautiful and comfortable toss pillows, check out the beautiful selection of decorative throw pillows at Soft Surroundings.

4. Seek InspirationProvencal Lounging Chair

Need a tip on what’s popular this year? Take a trip to your local home design center, clothing store, mall, or simply take a look around Soft Surroundings’ Home Decor section for inspiring photo vignettes of our newest collections for your home.

5. Switch It Up

My biggest tip for someone looking for a complete overhaul this New Year: SWITCH IT UP! Move your dining room into your living room, and vice versa! Your friends will wonder where you bought all the great new furniture, and you’ll be amazed at how different your house can be when you color outside the lines!

Artie Vanderpool is an artist, designer, and blogger at Color Outside the Lines.

  • Janice

    Was wondering about your photo house. I would love to see pictures of the house you do your fashion shoots in.

    • Soft Surroundings


      The photo in the lower right corner of the post is ours, and was taken at a lodge in Montana. Our fashion shoots are done at different locations throughout the country depending on the season.

      Soft Surroundings

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