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Show Yourself that You Matter – Soft Story

By on October 10, 2012, in Soft Surroundings

I’m doing my first viagra canadian pharmacy order, I so need to feel good about myself again. The last 10 years have added years and years to my physical and mental self. I lost my sister suddenly in 2002, then unbelievably in 2005 my youngest

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son took his own life, and a major part of my life with him. Then in 2008 my brother stayed on death’s doorway for 2 years, I took care of him until his death from bone cancer in 2010. I myself have fibromyalgia and chronic shingles for 15 years which have caused major nerve damage to

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my left side. I underwent major back surgery last year, Nov. 2011, a spinal fusion with hardware placement. I lived in a very, very dark place for years. I am pleased to say that the clouds of darkness are lifting and I am feeling like I am becoming myself again. I believe that the clothes we wear have a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves and present to others. I am 59 years old in December, and feel that I have earned every scar, line, sag and bag that I may have. But I am now up to leaving my house and want to show the world that you CAN heal, no matter what, it may not always be easy, but I am doing it!! I no longer want to don sweatpants and tee shirts. I want to shine again.

So if life is getting you down, and it can, it really really can, you can dig deep and find yourself again. And show yourself that you matter. YOU MATTER.

Believe in You,


Sunrise over the water

  • Elaine

    I know that clothes do make you feel good, but having Jesus in your life is even better. Turning to him in your times of trouble will help you heal and understand why some things happen. Linda has had a tremendous amount of sorrow in her life, plus health problems, and I have alot of health problems in my life. If I did not have the Bible to read and Jesus to turn to I would not be able to cope with life. She is a very strong person and I am very proud of her. I will continue to hold her in my prayers.

  • Nancy

    My heart aches and rejoices for Linda. I applaud her for her ability to rise above her turmoils. It is not an easy thing to do.

    I have also had a few difficult years. I had lost my zest for life. Thankfully, in this last year, I too have found myself, again. I have accepted the fact that bad things can happen to all of us, not just bad people; we have to learn how to grow from those experiences and not allow them to drag us down. I’ve learned to count my blessings and see the beauty in the simple, smallest things in life.

    As Linda stated, clothes have a lot to do with how one can feel. I found that when I looked good, I felt good. Receiving compliments on how well I looked boosted my self confidence. I understand that this may sound a bit vain; however, positive reinforcement from others can never be a bad thing.

    I now take the time to pick out flattering clothes, apply a little make-up, and fix my hair. These seemingly “normal” things had become foreign to me, so to feel like I actually wanted to look good was a huge accomplishment for me — I feel good again and I love life!

    Linda and I are proof that no matter how much life has thrown at you, you can succeed in overcoming the negative obstacles. With God’s help and a positive attitude, we can learn to love ourselves and life.


  • Patricia

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