Mix it Up: Velvet Remixed & Reimagined

By on November 8, 2012, in Soft Surroundings

With all the heady swirl around Edwardian and Baroque influences this season, velvet was the favorite fabric of the fashion shows in both casual and glam silhouettes. This regal

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fabric was seen on everything from pants to dresses to elegant jackets, in rich jewel tones, prints and burnout patterns.

If it’s been cialis sale a while since you’ve bought a velvet piece, this is the time to indulge again. Surprisingly versatile, it can make an otherwise simple outfit look more luxurious. Dress up a pair of jeans with a flowing velvet tunic or tailored jacket – or add touches of this lovely fabric to your outfit in the form of a scarf or even a pair of velvet shoes.

Classic, romantic, divine velvet – it looks fantastic on everyone with just the right touch!


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all of Soft Surroundings’ velvet apparel.

Verona Velvet Tunic Savile Row Jacket Silk Velvet Tunic
 Silk Velvet Pant Silk Velvet Duster Plaid Velvet Big Shirt
  • Sheryl

    I enjoy your catalog and style of clothing very much. I have ordered a couple items and enjoyed wearing them. I am however, disappointed in my last order. Two years ago I received my first bottle of Enchante Parfum as a gift –I loved it — it was my signature parfum until it was gone. I went a few months without and then ordered a new bottle. I don’t believe the fragrance is the same — it does not have the same richness or depth as the first bottle. I thought at first it might be because I wore it for some time — but since I was without it for several months, I don’t think that to be true. The parfume bottle, too, is of cheaper quality. I don’t know if errors can be made in manufacturing parfum, but I do know I will not be ordering again. It has been a $50 disappointment. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Sheryl

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