Drunkin Peaches topping on Outer Banks Rum Cake

Gourmet Goodness Giveaway – Outer Banks Rum Cakes®

By on November 5, 2012, in Soft Surroundings

The entry period for this giveaway has ended.
Congratulations to winner Phyllis C.!

Starting today, November 5, we will be hosting a “Gourmet Goodness Giveaway” exclusively

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on our  blog, Soft Spoken. Two different giveaways will be offered . . one that begins today and ends Thursday, Nov. 8, and a second giveaway to begin next Tuesday, Nov. 13.

For this week’s Gourmet Goodness Giveaway, we are offering as the prize the scRUMptious Outer Banks Rum Cake, a local favorite on North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks. The one-pound Outer Banks Rum Cake glistens with Carolina pecans and sugar crunch topping, and is made with the highest quality ingredients, premium rum and just a hint of orange. Read more about the family business behind the success of Outer Banks Rum Cakes in our guest blog post written by the founder’s daughter, Lindsay Cheshire.

Outer Banks Rum Cakes’ founder Sue Erickson Goodrich has shared with us tantalizing toppings that go beautifully with the Outer Banks Rum Cakes. These toppings are courtesy of Chef Sam Larson of the popular JK’s Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks. If you are ever visiting Kill Devil Hills, be sure to stop by JK’s Restaurant and say “Hello!” to Chef Larson.

To enter the Gourmet Goodness Giveaway, please do the following:

1) Like both Soft Surroundings and Outer Banks Rum Cakes on Facebook (if you do not have a Facebook account, you can skip this part).

2) Leave a comment beneath this blog post picking the Outer Banks Rum Cake topping (all shown below) that looks the yummiest to you and WHY!

3) If you also comment on Lindsay’s guest blog post you will gain an extra entry.

Entry period is Monday, November 5 through 11:59 PM CST, Thursday, November 8, 2012. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Friday, November 9.

Have fun!

Drunkin Fruit Topping, signature topping JK’s restaurant ™Drunkin Peaches topping on Outer Banks Rum Cake

Also known as “drunkin peaches” . . . .  

1 cup Meyer’s Dark Rum

3 cups dark brown sugar

4 cup fresh fruit, small cubes ex. pineapple, peaches, strawberries, banana

Garnish with fresh whipped cream and serve.


Spiced Rum Blueberry Sauce, signature topping JK’S restaurant ™Spiced Rum Blueberry Sauce on Outer Banks Rum Cake

“The rum cake ship, marooned in a blueberry sea surrounded by white caps”

1 cup of Captains Morgan’s rum (Flambé’)

1 cup of lemon juice

3 cups of sugar

4 cups blueberries (Fresh or IQF)

Bring all ingredients to a rapid boil.

Chill and serve. Garnish with fresh whipped cream.


Peanut Butter Crumble, Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream, signature topping JK’s Restaurant ™Peanut Butter Crumbles, with vanilla bean cloud of whipped cream, on Outer Banks Rum Cake

“The rum cake ship on a cloud of vanilla bean whipped cream with peanut butter crumbles”

Peanut butter crumble:


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cups peanut butter

2 cups of powdered sugar

Mix well to a consistency of wet packed sand.

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream:

2 cups heavy cream  (well chilled)

1 whole vanilla bean ( split & scraped)

Whip all together until stiff peaks.


Read Gourmet Goodnesss Giveaway Official Rules.


    the peanut butter crumble sounds and looks delicious. congratulations on your sucess. pleasee, pleease please .looks so yummy.

  • Lori

    All three look delicious but I’d go with blueberry. The area of North Carolina that we live in grows lots of delicious blueberries and I just can never get enough of them.

  • Lori

    following both on facebook

  • Paula

    The peanut butter crumble vanilla bean whipped cream sounds heavenly.
    It’s wonderful to know that 4 generations of family can still work together and be successful!

  • Tracy

    The spiced rum blueberry sauce looks like a whole lot of yumminess!!

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