An Interview with Dr. Neal Schultz, M.D.

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drschultzWe were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to Dr. Neal Schultz, renowned New York dermatologist and founder of one of our favorite skin care lines, Beauty Rx.

Beauty Rx

Park Avenue dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz originally developed Beauty Rx Skincare for the private use of his well-heeled patients. Now, for the first time ever, this award-winning product line is available to you. Combining his extraordinary expertise in dermatology with the latest advances in cosmeceutical science, Beauty Rx is formulated with buffered Glycolic Acid in combination with state-of-the-art, proprietary ingredients to deliver dramatically younger-looking, healthier skin. Tens of thousands of Dr. Schultz’s patients can attest: Beauty Rx is the most effective skin care line you’ll ever use!

Q: You have a thriving practice on New York’s Upper East Side and a devoted—yet very discerning—clientele that spans generations. What are the factors in your practice that contribute to your success?

A: I treat many families, some for three generations, some that span four generations. It’s a personal practice—all about belief, trust and service. Most people don’t think of the medical profession as a service industry, but it is. People know when you care, when you’re sincere. So—combined with my technical expertise—it’s all about service, availability and telling people what you can do, not what you can’t. My patients appreciate that and send their friends and family members to my practice. They’re our best advertisement.

Q: In addition to the work you do with skin cancer treatment, what inspired you to focus on cosmetic dermatology in your practice?

A: About 20 years ago, it was clear that new technology was evolving, both in terms of equipment—like laser technology—and the emergence of cosmeceuticals. With the discovery of new active ingredients, and with the evolution of fillers and muscle relaxants, we were able to accomplish things that formerly required invasive surgery—or couldn’t be done at all. In the past, only plastic surgeons could fix the contours of the face, and that was it. Now, thanks to cosmeceuticals, dermatologists can focus on the colors and textures of the face as well, correcting things that couldn’t be done before. It’s a limitless horizon—it’s exciting. Thanks to these advances, we can take people from neutral to positive. And when people look better, they feel better.

It's Not Just About Wrinkles Book Q: Is there any overriding complaint about aging skin that you hear from your patients?

A: Yes. What I hear from my female patients is that they don’t like the way there skin looks. And it’s not just the lines, it’s the whole appearance—the color and texture issues. What they’re really telling me, but maybe aren’t able to articulate, is that their skin looks dull, tired and blotchy. It’s not just the wrinkles. The outcry is, “Make my skin look nicer. Make it look brighter, less dull, more refreshed.” Here’s where exfoliation comes in.

Q: What is it that inspired you to create your own skin care line?

A: A combination of exfoliation and the fact that people were coming to me because they couldn’t get the skin they wanted. I listened to their issues, and had exposure to different lines and brands. I embraced the ones that I thought worked best, then tweaked, modified and improved on them to specifically address the issues that my patients were complaining about. Secondly, by having my patients use my own line of skin care, I get complete control over the results, because I know what they’re using on their skin. It’s a matter of quality control and reducing variables.

Q: How would you describe your skin care philosophy?

Daily Exfoliating Body Therapy LotionA: Glycolic exfoliation is the key to a more radiant, healthy and youthful complexion. When you’re 15 years old, your skin is going through a maturation process that’s right on schedule. Your skin is renewing itself and shedding dead skin cells every 28 days. When you’re 25, it’s still pretty much in sync. But when you’re 35, your skin renews itself less frequently, maybe every 35 days instead of every 28 days. By retaining extra dead skin cells in different amounts and in different places on your face, your skin surface becomes more uneven, more like stucco instead of a piece of glass. When you have an irregular skin surface, light doesn’t reflect and the surface looks dull. This is what happens to our skin as we age. By removing extra dead skin cells, we create a smoother surface. We can do this in two ways: One, mechanically—like microdermabrasion or loofah. And two, chemically, like Glycolic Acid. Chemical removal of skin cells is much more precise, predictable and consistent.

Q: Why is Glycolic Acid so important in taking care of your skin?

A: There are other forms of chemical exfoliants other buy viagra cheap car insurance than Glycolic Acid. There’s Salicylic Acid and Retinoids as well. Retinoids can cause a lot of irritation and redness. Glycolic Acid is far superior than other chemicals; it’s the gold standard of exfoliation.

Q: How do your products answer the needs for anti-aging skin care?

By addressing the principle signs of aging, which include large pores, brown spots, fine lines and dull, blotchy skin. No cosmeceutical will affect medium and deep lines, but it can have a profound impact on your skin’s color and texture, and that’s exactly what we’re working on here.

Q: Is there one single therapeutic skin care treatment that everyone should be using?

Maximum Defense Sheer Cream Spf 50 A: Yes—an exfoliant with Glycolic Acid. But the Glycolic Acid needs to be pH adjusted and buffered. We’ve perfected our formula by tweaking the Glycolic so that it gently exfoliates with no signs of redness, irritation or flaking.

But combined with that, you need to use sunscreen and antioxidant every day. While your sunscreen protects from direct UV damage, your antioxidant helps protect against free radical damage inside your skin cells. There’s no point in using an exfoliant to deal with color and texture issues if you’re not preventing future damage by protecting your skin with sunscreen and an antioxidant.

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    I have misplaced the telephone number where I can order more exfoliating pads.
    they are wonderful and I am totally out.
    My e-mail My tel #503-254-2900

    • Soft Surroundings

      Hi Sharon,

      I think the exfoliating pads you are talking about are the Beauty Rx Advanced Exfoliating Therapy Pads. You can purchase them on our website by clicking here.

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