Lipstick, Gloss, Stain or Pencil?

By on April 1, 2013, in Soft Surroundings

A barely-there whisper of color or a bold pop of pigment. What will give you the best lip appeal? The answer lies in where the day takes you…

Lipstick could be called your instant pick-me-up. It’s interesting how a perky bit of color on your lips can add a certain flush, brightening your whole face. Lipstick can take you from perfectly poised and ladylike with a soft pink lip to alluring and powerful with a bold red lip. Lighter shades tend to make lips look a little more full and lush. Today’s long-wearing formulas offer more smudge-proof protection from cocktails and kisses… and pesky feathering. Richer, more emollient blends deeply moisturize for essential hydration and all-day comfort. And if you prefer a lighter feel, your lipstick can do double duty as a stain. Simply blot your lips with lint-free blotting paper. Voila! A hint of color stains your lips for natural color without any residue.

Long Wear Lipstick Lip Gloss
Lip gloss has a sort of split personality. It’s a perfect topper with your fresh-faced day look, giving you a sheer wash of color and a dewy, soft sheen. But the sultry shine of a gloss can also take you out for the evening when paired with a dramatic eye. Our favorite thing about a gloss is that it drenches parched lips with much-needed moisture, performing a little trick of the eye to visually plump and fill the lips for a more luscious, more youthful look. Even a dot of gloss in the center of each lip can create dimension and the illusion of a fuller pout. You can use lip gloss solo or to top your favorite shade, but don’t forget the SPF, as gloss can amplify the sun’s harmful rays.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss Lip Stain
Combining the light hues of a gloss with the staying power of a lipstick, lip stains are crave-worthy because they look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all for a more natural, less made-up look. Stains are a perfect choice for active, on-the-go days when you want a hint of color, but don’t want to be constantly touching up. As an extra bonus, some stains double as a cheek stain, too. For an extra hit of moisture and shine, top your stain with a gloss.

Lip StainsLip Pencil
Think of this lip lover as a tool of precision, like a foundation for your lips that balances and hides any imperfections. It’s your perfect base coat that expertly defines your lips or creates a fuller pout when you draw just outside your natural lip line. A good tip is to fill in the lip completely to avoid any harsh lines. Plus, an allover coat of liner adds lasting wear beneath any lipstick. A quick blot sets the liner before applying your lipstick. We love a nude liner to best showcase your favorite lipstick shade. Lip pencils keep the color in check, preventing your lipstick from migrating into fine lines.

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Finish things off with a layer of gloss for a whole new look.

Foundation Lip Pencil Whatever your choice, a little prep will help you to maintain lovable lips. Don’t forget to exfoliate lips once a week. Smooth, flake-free lips reveal a softer, fuller smile that keeps lines at bay and lip color perfectly placed. Moisturizing is essential too, especially at bedtime. A deeply hydrating, emollient rich, petroleum-free balm is a great nighttime soother. Hydrated lips look young and fresh, providing the perfect canvas for your palette of hues. Sunscreen is a must, even for lips. Protect your pout with a lipstick with built-in sunscreen or layer your own under your favorite gloss. A light concealer to outline the cupid’s bow, or “v” of your top lip, can make your top lip look a little fuller. When picking your perfect color, go for shades with a bluish undertone to make your smile look even whiter.

  • Frances

    I had my lips colored at a spa and it made me look 5 years younger. Everyone should buy your lip stain, they will be very happy with the results.

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    My Dad has a vision impairment and cannot read your catalog. My Mom is departed so there are no women in his household. He did not ask for your catalog and it is thrown in the trash. Please discontinue send it.
    Thank you. Johnny Ryan

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      Hi John,

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