Ten Ways to Boost Your Looks Instantly

By on April 5, 2013, in Well Being

What can we do to give ourselves a quick, little beauty boost? In our spirit of Spring rejuvenation, let us count the ways…

Posture Perfect
We’re giving it to you straight. Better posture visually slims your form, makes you look taller and conveys a sense of confidence. And trust us. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman. Perfect your posture by pretending there is an invisible line drawing your stomach in and up, settle your shoulder blades on your back, drop your tailbone down and raise your chin. Feel the power radiate through your body as you draw your energy in, becoming more mindful of your new, improved you.

Coral Reef Skirt

Accentuate the Positive
Tight, constricting clothes can turn you into a shrinking violet, both literally and figuratively. But flattery will get you everywhere. Choose comfortable looks that accentuate your assets and minimize your challenge spots. Proper-fitting clothing lets the world know you’re at ease. Again, it all comes back to confidence and it’s easier to be confident when you’re as comfortable in your own clothes as you are in your own skin.

Just Smile
A lovely smile brightens your whole face, tightens skin and believe it or not, it even hides wrinkles as they slip into your grin. And who doesn’t feel dazzled by a winsome smile?


Why, I’m Blushing
A cream blush softly blended at the top of your cheekbones lends a just-flushed, sun-kissed glow. Cream blush melts into the skin for a dewy finish whereas traditional powder blush can settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

The Eyes Have It
A fresh coat of mascara really does wake up your eyes. And just a dab of light shimmer at the corners of your eyes adds a twinkle. Your eyes can become drier as you age, so keeping them well-hydrated is a must for a bright-eyed, more youthful appearance.

Eyelash MascaraWater Works
Hydration inside and out is key. In other words, water does work wonders to rejuvenate your skin and every cell in your body. A spritz of saline spray can clear nasal passages and keep dark

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circles at bay. Well-hydrated skin looks more radiant and visibly firmer, while wrinkles and cellulite seem to do a little disappearing act. And isn’t that reason enough to get your eight glasses a day?

Get Some ZZZ’s
Sleep is a key ingredient to looking your best. While you sleep, your mind and body work overtime to recharge, renew and regenerate. And naturally, a solid night’s sleep gets rid of the dark circles under your eyes, but did you know it can also boost your mood, help you be more creative and restore better memory? Now that’s an idea we’d like to sleep on!

Silk PillowcasesMoisturize.
Overwashed and overworked hands can give away your age, but you can restore your skin to its supple origins by exfoliating rough, dry skin and deeply moisturizing. Rich face creams and body butters soak into the skin for an intensely hydrating experience. Massage your favorite cream into your skin before bed, so your skin can drink in the goodness all night long. A fresh, lightly-scented moisturizer can even boost your mood.

Leave Your Worries Behind
Carpe diem. Seize the day. Live in the moment. Whatever you want to call it… we just call it smart living. It’s quite liberating to only worry about what you can do today. And once you strip away the worry from your mind, it’s amazing how those worry lines disappear, too.

carpe_diemJust Move It!
Spring to it and get moving. Fresh air and a good walk boosts circulation, gets the blood pumping and brings a natural flush to your cheeks. Easy yoga moves lengthen muscles, tighten your core and realign your posture to leave you standing taller. Not to mention the serenity you’ll feel as you clear your mind and focus on you. A walk with a friend or with your thoughts can be good for your body and soul.

  • Leslie

    Each one of these suggestions is spot on–they DO work! And that exercise with help maintain the good posture and will help you look better in your clothes and that will boost your confidence. Great formula for being beautiful inside and out.

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