Is Your Hairstyle Aging You?

By on April 3, 2013, in Soft Surroundings

As we welcome Spring and embrace this season of renewal, is it time to consider a new hairstyle? You know you love that just-cut, freshly-coiffed feeling when you walk out of the salon with a gorgeous new style. Here are a few simple tips to revitalize your locks and go from dated to fresh.

A Cut Above the Rest

Youthful HairstylesStart with the right cut. As you age, your face shape changes, so you need to adapt your cut to flatter, not hide, your face. Bangs are a lovely way to softly frame the face. Blunt bangs can feel too severe on more mature faces, but long, sideswept bangs can really refresh a style, like a bob, for instance. Overly long, straight hair can be harsh, but light layers can rejuvenate a look and add a certain bounciness to your tresses. Removing inches can bring a flirty buoyancy to fine, thin hair. Even a pixie can be fresh, modern and age appropriate. Think of Dame Judi Dench or Julie Andrews. The best styles have movement and look natural, not too “done”.

Embrace Your Texture

Hair Texture

Some people are graced with curls, while others are blessed with shiny, straight strands. Don’t fight Mother Nature, simplify your routine and embrace the hair you’ve been given. Curly hair tends to be a bit drier, so give it a little TLC with some extra moisture. Specially-formulated products for curly girls can plump, separate and define curls. Fine, wispy flyaway hair has special needs, too. Shorter cuts can plump limp, lifeless locks. Volumizing products can add depth and dimension.

Color Cues

How to Color your Hair Look at any child’s hair and you’ll see we’re born with subtle variations of color, not one solid shade. As we age, our hair loses its natural color and vibrancy. Mature skin also loses pigment over time and too dark or too platinum hair can further wash out your face. To reinvigorate hair for a more youthful look and cover those pesky grays, it’s important to bring both highlights and lowlights into your hair. A few highlights can brighten your face, mask the grays and make regrowth less noticeable. Going a shade or two lighter than your natural color is a good place to start. Warmer, less ashy tones will better complement your complexion. We especially love some face-framing highlights to add a little visual pop for a bit of sun-kissed color. But remember the natural variations and get some lowlights, too.

The Mane Event

Moisturizing Hair Care Lush locks start with moisture-rich products that restore radiance. A glossy mane reflects light and defies your age. Give your hair a respite and skip a wash. Too-frequent washing can strip hair’s natural oils. Besides, day-two hair is often just a little bit more tame and sleek. When you do wash, be sure to avoid harsh chemicals like sulfates that can be drying. Natural products leave hair softer and more manageable. We suggest coating locks with a good, nourishing conditioner, then pulling the product through with a wide-toothed comb.

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Let it soak in and while you wash your body. Right before you get out of the shower, do a cool water rinse to seal the cuticle and smooth your strands.

Tools of the Trade

Professional Hair Care Tools Hairdryers, flat irons, even hairbrushes… it’s important to use your tools wisely to prevent breakage and damage. When brushing or combing, especially when wet, start from the bottom to gently detangle. A styling creme can tame flyaways while a volumizing mousse can add a little lift. A round brush and hairdryer can also add much-needed volume. A blast of cool air from your dryer can help set a style and close the cuticle for a more sleek look with less frizz. Ceramic flat irons with negative ion technology smooth the hair shaft for glossy, shiny hair with fewer flyaways.

The Finish Line

Hair Finishing Products It’s all about the finished style. A refreshed cut with a reinvigorating color can take years off your look. Finish the effect with a glossy shine oil to tame the wispies and give light-reflecting vigor. A lightweight hold hairspray will keep tresses in check, but soft and touchable.

  • Margaret

    I thought your article was good but the mention of Jane Fonda put a sad spin on something good. I agree with what the above have said. Never never never push anything about Jane Fonda.

  • Jane

    I am old enough to appreciate Jane Fonda’s many phases (or as Gail Sheehy termed them, “Passages”) and am amazed at how she endured the dysfunction in her childhood family and successfully raised her own children. Now she’s a grandmother! She was an inspiration to some and a hated and feared symbol to others. Please do not censor mention of her fabulous haircut – at least it’s her own hair and the cut looks great on that septuagenarian!

  • Caroline

    In the small world department, 2 weeks ago I showed one of your catalogs to my hairdresser and told her I wanted the same cut as the model on this webpage. I love the new cut! Thank you!

  • Jane

    PLEASE do not ever recommend that we emulate Jane Fonda in any way, shape or form!

  • Lynn

    Never, never, never invoke Jane Fonda as someone to be emulated.

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