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Forgiveness is the fragrance shed by violets on the heels that crush them.

What three words best describe your style?

Simple, elegant, vibrant.

My idea of a perfect day is. . . ?

Conducting a workshop and having all of the attendees get new ideas on how to be more effective and empowered.

Who has most inspired your fashion sense?

My Mother

What one fashion rule do you always abide by?

Coordinate, not necessarily matching. No silver, black or red.

The biggest fashion faux pas (mistake) I ever made was. . .

Buying a dress that was unflattering.

What article of clothing is at the top of your shopping list?

Dress pants with a 32-inch inseam.

Describe what’s in your travel beauty bag.


The best beauty advice I ever received was. . .

Be classic, not trendy. So, classic clothes sometimes in trendy designs.

Name your signature scent.


How do you unwind?


Where is your favorite place to travel?

San Diego

Do you have a passion project or hobby?

Spiritual development, taking the best of the seven major world religions.

Describe the most memorable gift you’ve ever received.

Beautiful purple skirted suit with top from a colleague.

How has your style evolved over the years?

No more costume jewelry.

One item I never leave the house without. . .

Amethyst ring

Quote to live by?

“Forgiveness is the fragrance shed by violets on the heels that crush them.”

What is your favorite Soft Surroundings product?Regale Skirt

Long skirts in jewel tones.




  • Soft Surroundings


    Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you are satisfied with the Enchante perfume. Thank you for being such a great customer of Soft surroundings–we appreciate your business!

    Soft Surroundings

  • Julie

    I just received my Enchante in the mail and I’m so excited! It is absolutely heavenly! I’ve wanted it for a few years now, and as a matter of fact, my mother and I would look at your magazine together and do the “scratch and sniff” of this perfume! We both declared it was our favorite but never got around to actually ordering some for ourselves…. She developed early onset Alzheimers and even though she is still her young, pretty self (sort of) she doesn’t really remember your magazine…..I’m going to tell her about my order knowing that she’ll just be excited because I am :)….

    Thank you again for your VERY prompt, efficient service…maybe soon I’ll be able to order the larger bottle but for now I’ll wear just a little bit every day and be happy!!

    Julie Lease

  • Pamela

    Thank-you soft surroundings. I think that I have found my style. I love just about everything in your catalogs!! Although I have only purchased a few items, they have been the most complimentary fashions that I have ever purchased.
    Sometimes a bit more than I usually pay for clothes, but in the end it’s been worth it…

    Thanks again,

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