The Secrets of Melt-Proof Makeup

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As the temps start to climb, keeping up appearances can be difficult. We have all the tips and tricks of long-wearing, budge-proof makeup to help you save face and keep you looking as fresh as the moment you first stepped out of the house… even hours later.

A Clean Slate
To get the best finish, you must start with clean, toned skin. Periodic exfoliation is recommended to lift dead skin cells, even for lips, so makeup can blend and wear better. Your skin may seem oilier in the summer months, but it’s still important to moisturize. Overly dry skin can draw the moisture from your cosmetics, causing them to melt. Switching to a lighter-weight moisturizer for the season may do just the trick.

Prime Time
A good primer is somewhat of a miracle worker, visibly shrinking your pores and smoothing your complexion. And when your skin looks clear and beautiful, it’s easier to use less makeup, leaving you worry-free in the wilting summer heat. Applied after you moisturize, an oil-free primer can have an amazing, lasting effect for your makeup and give you a truer color representation, even on your lips. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids, a particularly oil-prone spot that’s a known makeup melter due to watery eyes and deep creases. Be sure to choose a product that’s specifically safe for use around the eyes.

Lighten Up
Forgo the heavy foundation and let your skin breathe a little this summer. Too-heavy makeup can not only cake, but add years to your face as it settles into your smile lines. The goal is naturally beautiful skin, not obviously made-up skin. So why not let your natural beauty shine through with a lightweight, tinted moisturizer? If you need more coverage, opt for a water-based foundation rather than oil-based. Innovative, new long-wearing formulas are so gentle you can actually sleep in them because they allow your skin to breathe for an unbelievable, 24-hour flawless face. A good mineral powder foundation can also be a great, natural-looking choice, plus it can soak up excess oil. Products with less wax plus densely pigmented hues, like a BB Cream, can really have long-lasting effects.

Cream of the Crop
Cream blushes and shadows tend to look more natural because they go on more sheer. If you’ll be out in the heat, don’t forget that you may have a natural flush, so go easy on the blush. The new long-wearing formulas are not the drying products of the past, but are richer and creamier, with some even coming in a mousse-style.         

The Perfect Line Up
A waterproof formula is the obvious choice to give your eyes a little pop without the worry of migrating eyeliner. Waterproof liner comes in different forms, either liquid or gel. A felt tip can make for easier application. Cake eyeliner with a liquid activator is another option. This style uses a stiff brush to apply. Cake can be a little messier, but it won’t budge once in place. You’ll want to avoid kohl eyeliner because anything wax-based will melt.

Lash Out at Raccoon Eyes
The newest innovation in waterproof mascara is tube technology. Forming little water-resistant “tubes” around the lashes, tube mascara is well-loved for giving your lashes luscious volume and length. Its glide-on simplicity and flake-free, all-day wearability can withstand perspiration, swimming and even tears of joy. And it’s even safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Simply remove the tubes with warm water and gentle pressure. Other waterproof mascaras can offer long-lasting wear with a built-in primer or sealer. A lash primer can add longevity to your lash look or you can even try a waterproof top coat to seal your favorite mascara, even a non-waterproof brand. And don’t forget your brows. Long-wearing brow-enhancing gel is a naturally beautiful, simple way to restore a youthful vibrancy to your face… and the results can last for days!

Our Lips Revealed
Soft, moisturized, exfoliated lips are the secret to lasting lip color with no feathering. For truer color and better staying power, prep the lips with a lip primer. Have you tried the new long-wearing lipsticks? Cutting-edge polymers deliver stay-put color in a divinely creamy and moisturizing lipstick, nothing like the products of the past that left you with moisture-starved lips. Lip stains temporarily dye your lips for terrific, long-lasting color. A nice lip gloss is a wonderfully natural way to highlight your summer smile.

Blot Out the Shine
When you need to freshen up on summer’s soupier days, try blotting papers instead of layering on more makeup. Sometimes just removing a little shine can freshen your whole look. You can even pick up a chic little case for your blotting papers. There are many different kinds of blotting papers, some are even infused with a refreshing scent for a sweet little pick-me-up. Charcoal blotting papers have natural antibacterial properties, a blessing for acne-prone skin. Remember to dab, don’t rub, and you’ll keep your makeup looking radiant. The same hold true after you’ve been swimming and it’s time to towel off, just lightly dab your face.

  • Rose

    I would like to see brand names for the products
    you recommend.
    I am very senior but don’t like to look so.

  • Betty

    I’m 65 plus, please use brand name so I get the very product.dry skin that flakey in crease of noise can not get rid of.A real waterproof mascara, best BB cream, lip moisturizer, smile lines, neck lift. I’m in the son alot. Bottom line what should I wear for my soft , fresh, summer look? Very important to me.

  • Kim

    I wanted to suggest to Kathi Blinc mascra if you haven’t tried it yet you should! I wear contacts and am very sensitive to anything flaking into my eyes, then I found Blinc, and have no issues at all! I put it on in the morning and it looks the same at night! When you take it off you gently roll or pull the little tubes off your lashes, very gently. It will look like your lashes are coming out but they aren’t!

  • Joy

    I’m so ready for ‘melt-proof’ makeup, but what do you recommend for 65+ year, dry, ivory skin? Please be specific so I can order all products. Thank you.

  • Kathi

    I would love to find a new waterproof mascara. I have tried many that claim to be waterproof but are not. Please help!

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