Ten Time-Saving Tricks for Summer Beauty

By on July 5, 2013, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Soft Surroundings

Our schedules are packed with so much fun this summer, it can leave us starved for time to get beautiful. We’ll break down some simple time fixes to speed up your routine and get you out the door naturally pretty… in no time flat.

1) The Multi-Tasking Makeup Bag
Summer is the perfect time to streamline the mixed bag of tricks in your makeup drawer. Look for products that do double duty and shave steps off your getting-ready ritual. How about a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen? Or maybe a bronzer with sun protection? But the queen bee of all multi-taskers is the BB cream. A good BB cream is the ideal do-it-all beauty blessing, combining all the necessities in one easy-to-use cream: moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging skin treatments and a light tint to mask imperfections. It’s the perfect lightweight foundation for summer. Try this: BB cream, blush, mascara, gloss and go… but whatever you do, keep it light. Summer is all about basking in your natural beauty.

BB Cream2) Fringe Benefits
Even a casual summer face benefits from a pop of mascara to make eyes stand out. Gently wiggle your mascara wand ever-so-slightly back and forth at the root line before drawing the wand out through your lashes. To add a little more definition, quickly before it dries, take a clean Q-Tip and smudge the mascara along your lash line… instant eyeliner! Use a waterproof mascara and it’ll stay put all day and even defy the humidity!

Kevyn Aucion Mascara3) Let Your Hair Go
Au naturel, that is. Blow off blow drying and let your hair air dry. Not only will it save you time, but it’s actually healthy for your hair to give it a break from heat styling. If you have natural curls or waves, flaunt them. Add a little defining gel, twist sections of hair around your finger and let dry for beachy waves. A chic chignon is also a great option on breezy summer days. Pull a few face-framing strands loose for a more casual feel. Try tucking your hair up under a fashionable sun hat and get bonus sun protection. Top off the look with some dangly drop earrings or hoops for a decidedly feminine, yet carefree look.

Sun Hat4) Multi-Task Your Routine
Make your get-ready routine more time efficient by balancing your pockets of wait time. In the shower, let your conditioner work while you suds your body. Brush your teeth while you wait for your moisturizer to soak in. Allow your anti-aging serums and creams to absorb while you get dressed. Let your hair air dry while you make up your face. These little time savers may not seem like much, but they’ll add up to crucial minutes when you’re in a rush.

5) Exercise Your Options
Toned, energized muscles look so much better in summer’s sparer styles. And it’s so easy to sneak a little exercise into your day. Activate your core by drawing in your stomach and sliding your shoulder blades down your back as you sit or stand, like when you’re driving or waiting in line. Squat instead of bending to pick up something. Squatting is better for your back anyway and it will help firm up your whole bottom line. Flex to lift your groceries. Being mindful and charging your muscles as you go about your day will really help you sculpt your body beautiful.

exercise6) Scents and Sensibility
Instead of reaching for your normal bottle of fragrance, choose a lighter version of your favorite scent. Many popular perfumes are available as an Eau de Toilette or Cologne.  Or you can take this opportunity to switch things up and try a new, light, fresh fragrance that is perfect for summer. Or how about turning your shower into an oasis with a touch of aromatherapy? A few drops of essential oil on a wet washcloth can be draped over the back of the shower head. For more shower power, keep a spray bottle handy filled with a water-essential oil mix. Spray your shower walls and let the shower’s steam do the work. Get happy with mood-lifters like Lemon or Bergamot essential oils. For extra energy, try Rosemary or Spearmint essential oils. Eucalyptus is great for opening nasal passages, which will help reduce sinus-related puffiness and dark circles. Showering before bed? Try Lavender Oil to help you fall into a blissfully deep slumber.

Soft Surroundings Fragrance 7) The Perfect Pedi
A well-done pedicure will last for days, eliminating the need for constant touch-ups. You can do your pedi at home or grab a girlfriend and treat yourself at the spa while you gab. And you usually get a bonus foot massage too, which is always divine. If you opt to polish at home, here are a few simple steps to long-lasting beauty. Start with clean, exfoliated tootsies. Let your shower share the work and speed up the exfoliation process by softening your soles before you use your pumice stone. A base coat will keep your nails from yellowing, allowing you to switch from dark to light polish with ease. On to color. A quality polish is key. Two coats should do it. Don’t forget to paint the tips. A good seal here will help you prevent chips. A top coat is crucial for lasting wear. Banish ashy, dry skin and keep you feet moisturized all summer long so your toes look perfectly pretty peeking out of your summer sandals.

Home Nail Care8) Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow… and the Day After!
The sun can put an unforgiving spotlight on stray unwanted hairs. Skip the plucking and shaving and treat yourself to a professional waxing or laser hair removal. A salon esthetician can have you waxing poetic about your perfect brows and how great they look weeks later. And with short and skirt season here, it’s more important than ever to sport smooth legs, but shaving can be so time-consuming. A little time at the salon can also leave your legs fuzz-free for weeks.

9) Nails Go Buff
Skip the hassle of constantly having to redo your mani. Instead of painting, buff your nails to a nice, high gloss. You’ll look like you’ve gotten a high-end French manicure, without all the worry of chips and flakes. Working from the roughest grit of the buffer to the smoothest, gently refine your nails using a side to side motion. The final step will really bring on the shine, making your nails look freshly polished with a clear coat. Now give yourself a hand for your ingenuity.

Nail Care10) While You Were Sleeping
Boost the benefits of your beauty sleep and soften and smooth your lips while you slumber. Glycerin applied to your lips at bedtime works as a humectant, naturally pulling moisture into summer-parched lips. In the morning, you’ll wake with ultimate lip appeal. Fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished and lipstick and stain application will be more effortless on your newly soft kisser.