Indian Summer 2013 Letter from Robin

By on August 20, 2013, in Letters from Robin, Soft Surroundings

Cape Cod SweaterGreetings! At our house, we have just begun a master bath and closet renovation which has turned everything upside down. My husband and I have to move upstairs to a guest room and condense our “clutter” to a minimum in preparation for our bedroom to be sealed off, a cathartic exercise. No complaints – the end result will be amazing. I’ll keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook as soon as there is something to see.

All the activity at home, which is usually my haven from the world, is forcing me to “practice what I preach” and find ways to make my life easier, calmer and more rewarding – in short to take better care of myself. So amidst all of the chaos, I am learning to meditate.

Foreo LunaOur Indian Summer collection is packed with goodies to make you look and feel fabulous. My new favorite thing is a beauty tool called the Foreo Luna! The results are amazing. People are actually noticing a change in my face after less than a week’s use. Tighter, firmer skin is causing a lifted effect and my pores look smaller. Love!


Robin Sheldon

President and Founder

  • Rita

    You have a store in Southlake, Texas but that is about 45 minutes away from my area. We desperately need one of your stores on the southwest side of Fort Worth. I live in the 76109 zip and we have many wonderful stores but we do not have one of your stores. Please do some research and try to put a store in our area. I think you will find that the 76107/76109 zip code will definitely support a store financially. Please, please, please. Thanks for considering!!!

    • Soft Surroundings


      Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us making a future location suggestion. I will definitely pass this on to our Retail Team for consideration. We love Texas and already have 3 stores with a 4th opening in Town & Country Village – Houston, TX–so keep checking our site Texas always has room for more Soft Surroundings!

      Best Wishes!

      Soft Surroundings

  • Susie

    Your catalog is my favorite- beautiful things, lots of choices , generally good quality – Wish you would include some things “Made in U.S.A.”, though! Everything imputed turns me away from purchasing-

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Susie,

      We appreciate your input and want you to know we always shop the U.S. for product to include in our collections. While we do currently manufacture in Turkey, Peru, Portugal and China – we often order in such high quantities that smaller companies cannot support our orders – we still produce some items domestically and support U.S. manufacturers wherever we can.

      Here are a few clothing items from our catalog you might enjoy which are made in the USA: Tanya Boyfriend Jean (, Comfy Crop Pant (, Easy Knit Legging (, St. Kitt’s Skirt (, Colette Top (, Barbara Top (, Textured Tunic (, Kareena Top (, Go To Tunic (, and Outer Banks Shirt (

      Your feedback matters and we thank you for taking the time to let us know what you are thinking!


      Soft Surroundings

  • Marie

    Best of luck on your home renovations!Meditation will help and I suggest you surround yourself with the sounds of music you and your husband most enjoy!Also suggest flowers everywhere as a help during stressful times.I’ve just begun wearing your 1908 perfume and it’s wonderful!I love it and your grandparents’ love story too!I’ve gotten many favorable comments about the fragrance and always tell the story behind it. Have a wonderful autumn and enjoy your new master room changes! Ciao! Marie

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