Empty Beauty Bottles? No Problem! Pantry to the Rescue

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You’re out of your favorite blemish treatment with no time for errands. A little Baking Soda or Oatmeal can solve your problem. Read on for more of these quick-fix beauty solutions conveniently pulled from your pantry. Here’s all the stirring details…

1) Blemish Busters
That good-for-everything box of Baking Soda also comes in handy for many beauty emergencies, helping dry up acne and shrink pores. A simple Water and Baking Soda paste massaged onto skin will do the trick. Cooked Plain Oatmeal will also work in a pinch on a blemish. Plain, Unflavored Yogurt used as a facial mask can also keep acne at bay. Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with an equal part Water makes a wonderful toner to restore the natural pH balance to your skin, helping you better battle blemishes.

blemishboosters2) Hey Bright Eyes
Banish puffy, dark raccoon eyes with cold-water chilled Chamomile Tea Bags. Place chilled Tea Bags on eyes and relax for 15 minutes. Or why not try chilled sliced Cucumbers? You’ll look refreshed, alert and cool as a cucumber… literally!

brighteyes3) The White Stuff
Baking Soda mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide makes a fizzy, tooth-whitening paste just right for your pearly whites. The Malic Acid in mashed Strawberries also works as a natural tooth brightener, lightening surface stains as you brush.

baking soda4) Bye, Bye Makeup
Olive Oil mixed with a little bit of Castor Oil can remove all traces of makeup, draw out impurities and leave skin wonderfully soft. Do a 70%-30% Olive/Castor mix for oily skin. 80%-20% for combination. 90%-10% for dry skin. Use the steam from a warm washcloth to let the moisturizing goodness soak into your skin, then gently wipe away all traces of dirt, debris and oil with the cloth. Voila! Soft, clean, caressable skin! You can also use a half and half mix of Olive Oil and Witch Hazel to remove all traces of makeup. Another handy solution, just swipe a swab of oil from an Avocado. No more makeup! Olé!

byemakeup5) Lush Locks
These emergency DIYs are the perfect hair care Rx. For time-crunched days when you don’t have even a minute to wash your hair, try a homemade dry shampoo of 2 tablespoons Cornstarch mixed into a ½ cup Baking Soda. Completely out of conditioner? Try a Mayo mask. Coat strands with Mayonnaise, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse away this miracle moisturizer. Here’s a good shine serum solution. After conditioning, use pure Cranberry Juice (not cocktail) as a finishing rinse for shiny, lustrous locks. Tame pesky flyaways and frizzies with a drop of Olive Oil. Massage between your hands then run through your strands.

Lush Locks6) A Peeling Home Exfoliator
Don’t toss those spent Coffee Grounds. Mix them with a little Honey and whip up your own exfoliator. Not only will you slough off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin, but the caffeine from the Coffee will also pep up your circulation, which is always good for a beauty boost and cellulite diminisher. Want to sweeten the pot? Try exfoliating with a blend of Brown Sugar and Olive Oil or show your true grit with a Sea Salt and Olive Oil combo to savor.

exfoliator7) Beauty & the Bees
Show me the Honey! ¼ cup Honey mixed in with your warm bath not only smells divine, but it will leave your skin blissfully soft and moisturized. Now that’s a Honey DO!

honey8) A Close Shave
Run out of your favorite shaving cream? Moisturize skin and shave at the same time with a dose of skin-nurturing Olive Oil. Just be careful you don’t slip getting in and out of the shower.


*If you have sensitive skin, use caution with any DIY beauty miracle. Test in a small, less conspicuous spot before diving in face first.

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